CNC Machine Tool Probing for Component Measurement – Probe System Functions, Benefits & Applications | CNCLATHING


The measurement of workpiece in the manufacturing process is essential for achieving precision. CNC machine tool probing system is the inspection and measurement device for precision machined components placed on the worktable. What can the machine tool probing do? Follow us to explore the probe system functions, benefits, and applications.


What is Machine Tool Probing System?

The probing system is a measuring tool configured on CNC machines to measure the features of CNC machined parts, correct the coordinate system, recognize error, etc., after partial or final machining operation, which can improve the machining quality of the manufacturing equipment, reduce cost and save time.


What is CNC Machine Tool Probing Used for

The functions of the machine tool probing on CNC machine:
1) Automatically identify the accuracy error of machine tool and compensate
2) Automatically centering, tracing edge, measuring and correcting the coordinate system, make tool compensation
3) Measure the surface directly on the machine for large, complex workpiece
4) Compare the measurement results and create report
5) Improve manufacturing efficiency, quality and ensure the product qualification rate
6) Improve the capacity and precision of machine tools, correct large single-piece part in one time, avoid second clamping
7) Reduce time for machine tool assistance
8) Reduce manufacturing cost of part datums
9) Tool setting and fixture setup
10) Digitizing/scanning
11) Other functions


Benefits of CNC Machine Tool Probing System

1) During the machining process with CNC tools, the machine tool probe can give an alarm in time for the workpiece out of tolerance, tool wear and damage, and make compensation or exchange the tool, which instead of the manual inspection, saves time cost, and greatly improves the automation of the machine tool.
2) After the CNC machine tool is equipped with the machine tool probe, the online measurement can not only measure the geometrical tolerance of the part, facilitate the installation and adjustment of the workpiece, simplify the fixture, shorten the auxiliary time and improve the production efficiency, but also automatically modify the programming and improve the processing accuracy according to the measurement results.
3) Machine tool probe can greatly improve the overall efficiency of CNC machine tools and save costs, also ensure production quality and improve productivity for a long time.


Applications of Machine Tool Probing

The early application of machine tool probe is to provide a repair scheme for the machining of complex curved surfaces such as large gears. With the development of the integration of online measurement and machining of CNC machine tools and the innovation of machine tool probe technology, the machine tool probe on the market now can achieve more purposes, and the measurement positioning accuracy and automation level are also increased.


The machine tool probing systems can be used on CNC machining centers, lathes and more equipment to identify and set up parts, monitor workpiece surface condition, measure features, and verify finished part dimensions.


The probe of machine tool is the best choice of machining complex curved surface. It can realize automatic measurement and processing at the same time on the machine table, which not only guarantees the precision of the CNC machining part, but also ensures the machining efficiency, meets the production demand of precision, high-speed and high-efficiency of batch machining production.