Why Do You Install Probe On CNC Machine – Function & Effect, Advantages Of Probe Installation


In terms of foreign countries, most machine tools abroad are equipped with machine tool probes. Relatively speaking, the current popularity in China is unknown. There may be manual measurement accuracy in some areas. In comparison, installing machine tool probes on CNC machine will be more accurate than manual measurement, and the advantages will be more obvious! In this article, we will introduce what is a machine tool probe, why do you need to install machine tool probes on CNC machine, and what are the advantages of installing the probe on CNC machine.


What Is A Machine Tool Probe?

Machine tool probe is a kind of measuring equipment configured on CNC machine. It is a scientific and technological innovation product. Its main function is to improve the manufacturing quality of existing production equipment, reduce manufacturing cost, and save time and labor cost for enterprises. Therefore, it is favored by major CNC machining enterprises.


Function Of Machine Tool Probe On CNC Machine

1. It can automatically identify the accuracy error of the machine tool and automatically compensate the accuracy of the machine tool

2. Instead of manual work, automatic centering, edge finding and measurement, automatic correction of coordinate system and automatic tool compensation

3. Directly measure the curved surface of large and complex parts on the machine tool

4. It can improve the processing capacity and accuracy of the existing machine tools, and the online correction of large single products can be completed at one time without secondary clamping, rework and repair.

5. Compare the measurement results and report.

6. Improve production efficiency and manufacturing quality to ensure product qualification rate.

7. Reduce the manufacturing cost and appearance processing process as part benchmark.

8. The batch is completed in one time. It is convenient and fast to adjust the machine and detail drawing for the first piece and determine the production scheme.

9. Reduce the auxiliary time of the machine tool and reduce the manufacturing cost. Therefore, configuring the machine tool probe for the CNC machine can effectively improve the efficiency of the enterprise, reduce the labor cost and produce high-quality products, which is indeed beneficial without harm.

Probe Installation Advantages

1. The machine tool probe can improve the efficiency and accuracy of measurement. Now, the traditional measurement method is to remove the product after finishing, and then move it to the measurement room for measurement with a CMM, which includes disassembly, clamping and handling. The machine tool probe saves this part of time, and only needs to replace the tool with the probe like changing the tool. Besides accuracy, the basis of measurement is the alignment of parts, that is, the measurement benchmark should be consistent with the design benchmark, so the measurement is meaningful.

2. The machine tool probe can improve the processing efficiency. What I just said is the efficiency of measurement. The machine tool probe can also improve the efficiency of the whole process. For some objects with low precision requirements and simple surface shape, they can be directly detected after finishing. However, for complex curved surface zero, the machine tool probe can be completed very conveniently. If CMM is used, a lot of clamping and alignment time will be wasted.

3. The machine tool probe can be used to detect the geometric error of the machine tool. The traditional geometric error identification method is carried out by laser interferometer and club instrument. This method is more mature and is also used by most machine tool manufacturers. Now with the machine tool probe, there is another optional method. A measuring block is directly processed on the machine tool. After processing, the machining block is directly measured with the machine tool probe, and various geometric errors are identified by establishing a kinematic model.