CNC Brass Turning Services & CNC Turned Brass Parts

In CNC turning services, brass is one of the most used materials because of its excellent ductility, thermal conductivity, durability, mechanical and highly resistant to corrosion properties. Brass is a malleable alloy mainly composed of copper and zinc, easy to machine, mold, stamp. In addition, according to the use for which it is intended, the brass may also contain lead, tin, nickel, chromium or magnesium. It is generally called tombac, Florentine (or Venetian) bronze, similor, archal or pinchbeck. Due to its varied properties, brass has been the most widely used copper alloy in the world, and CNC Turning is the best cost effective way to process the brass for manufacturing CNC Brass Turning Parts and end-use bronze products, which are widely used in watch making, decoration, metalwork, advanced industry, the manufacture of musical instruments or in our bathrooms (faucet, shower hose, lock, etc.) .

Properties of Brass, Copper, Bronze

  • Resistance to salt water
  • Easy to machine, cut and die-cast
  • Corrosion resistance
  • Forming capacity by casting, forging, cutting and machining
  • Lamination possible
  • The malleability varies according to the composition and temperature
  • Recyclable

China Top-Grade Precision Brass CNC Turning Supplier

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Advantages Of Custom CNC Brass Turning Services:

  • Wide Applications: Costume jewelery, Decorative elements, Boilerwork, Armament and welding, Wire, Condenser tubes, Electrical terminals, Boat building, Musical instruments
  • Various Quality Copper Materials: Brass 360, Brass 308, Copper 101, Copper 110, Copper 11000, Bronze
  • Multiple Surface Finishes: Electroplating, Galvanizing, Gilding, Glazing, Knurling, Painting, Passivation, Anodizing, Peening, Powder coating, Vacuum plating, Abrasive blasting etc
  • Quality Guarantee: Advanced CNC TURNING machines, capable designers and engineers, and experienced production workers ensure excellent quality
  • Custom OEM Capacity: Provide customers with the best design and production solutions according to the drawings and parameters
  • Competitive Prices: Offer the advanced CNC Brass Turning technology currently available to large companies at the profitable prices accessible to any user.