Copper Sheet Metal Fabrication

There are various alloys used in the copper sheet metal fabrication process. The pure copper comes in light red. After the copper oxide film is formed on the surface, the appearance is purplish red. Copper metal sheets have strong physical and chemical properties, such as good electrical and thermal conductivity, especially the electrical conductivity is second only to silver, and its thermal conductivity is second only to gold and silver. Copper has great chemical stability, good corrosion resistance in the atmosphere, fresh water and seawater, good ductility, and can well withstand all kinds of cold and hot pressure processing. The disadvantage is that the strength and hardness are low, so it is generally not used as structural parts. Copper is one of the most commonly used raw materials for sheet metal fabrication because it and its alloys have characteristics that make sheet metal parts production fairly easy for manufacturers. Copper sheet metal parts are regularly utilized in chemical, aerospace, automotive, and more industries.

Benefits of Copper in Sheet Metal Fabrication

  • Copper has many excellent physical and chemical properties. Its thermal and electrical conductivity is very high.
  • Good chemical stability, easy to melt, and good corrosion resistance.
  • Copper has high formability, which makes the application of sheet metal copper easier than other materials with poor ductility.
  • Copper can be widely used in the manufacturing of various structural parts in the machinery industry.
  • Copper can withstand all kinds of cold and hot sheet metal processing.
  • Copper is easily recycled and reused, while not losing most of its quality.
  • Copper is more affordable compared to many other types of sheet metals.

Copper Alloys Used in Sheet Metal Fabrication

Generally, there are two common types of copper alloys used in sheet metal fabrication, they both contain more than 99% copper and the remainder are impurities.

  • Copper 101: known as an oxygen-free copper that has high purity, contains 99.99% Cu. It has exceptional conductivity and high ductility, it tends to work-harden but at a slow rate. C101 may be annealed to facilitate forming. Due to its high conductivity and ductility, it is an excellent material for electrical sheet metal applications such as grounding strips, anodes, and circuit breakers.
  • Copper 110: known as an ETP copper, it is also a highly pure metal with 99.90% Cu. It is the most readily accessible copper alloy on the market and is largely employed in electrical and thermal transfer applications such as heat exchanger fins and electrical switches.

Copper Sheet Metal Fabrication Service – Copper Sheet Metal Parts Manufacturer

Copper sheet metal is ideal for industrial production due to its high flexibility. As a metal machining and metal fabrication company, Junying offers copper sheet metal fabrication services that can manufacture sheet metal copper parts in almost all sizes and shapes, whether you require products for decorative purposes or industrial applications. Copper is a highly corrosion-resistant material, so copper sheet metal fabricated components are the go-to option for various pipes and tubes. Copper sheet metal parts are typically made from C101 and C110 grades of copper, we also work with other alloys if you need them. We can fabricate a wide selection of custom sheet metal copper parts, such as plates, fixtures, shields, brackets, etc. Whether you need a single prototype or volume production runs, welcome to send your inquiry. Copper and copper alloys are popular materials of custom parts formed at our machine shop. Junying offers sheet metal services from laser cutting to punch pressing to tube bending and more.

Why Choose Copper Sheet Metal Fabrication at Junying

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