What Is ABS Plastic & CNC Machined ABS Parts

Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene (ABS) is a common thermoplastic polymer and CNC machining material, made by copolymerization of acrylonitrile, butadiene and styrene. Due to the different proportion of the three monomers, they can have different properties and melting temperature. If the flow performance ABS is blended with other plastics or additives, it can be extended to ABS with different uses and properties, such as impact resistance, heat resistance, flame retardant, transparent, reinforced, electroplating, etc. That acrylonitrile enhances heat stability and chemical resistance, butadiene provides impact strength and toughness, and styrene allows for good formability and rigidity. In general, ABS is a light yellow or milky white granular non-crystalline resin, a low-cost engineering plastic, CNC machined ABS is a great option for production-like parts. It’s ideal for turning, drilling, milling, and lathing.

CNC machining in ABS – China High Quality CNC Machining ABS Parts

As one professional CNC machining services manufacturers in China, Junying can machine all kinds of low cost different CNC machined materials parts. One of the most popular engineering plastic – ABS CNC machining part will not be ignored. Junying customizes precision CNC ABS parts according to customer specifications, samples or drawings. We provide all kinds of plastic ABS machining services: CNC milling abs, drilling abs, turning abs and lathe to complete different geometry shapes and dimensions of the ABS parts. Our CNC machining ABS precision parts can undertake surface spraying, electroplating, metal welding, hot pressing and adhesion, widely used in machinery, automobile, electronic appliances, instruments and meters, textile and construction industries. Our technicians have me many years experience and knowledge in machine exceptional quality plastic precision parts.

  • Features Of Our ABS Machining Service Plastic Machined Parts

    Limited resistance to acid and caustic solutions
    Wide temperature ranges
    Good machinability
    Easy bonding and weldability
    Excellent dimensional stability
    Chemical resistance, mechanical toughness
    Apply to machining common mechanical parts, transmission parts and telecom parts

Typical properties of ABS resin

Performance Universal Medium impact type High impact type Heat-resistant type Electroplating type
Density/(g/cm3) 1.02-1.06 1.04-1.05 1.02-1.04 1.04-1.06 1.04-1.06
Tensile strength/MPa 33-52 41-47 33-44 41-52 38-44
Elongation(%) 10-20 15-50 15-70 5-20 10-30
Bending strength/MPa 68-87 68-80 55-68 68-90 69-80
Flexural elastic modulus/GPa 2.0-2.6 2.2-2.5 1.8-2.2 2.1-2.8 2.3-2.7
Izod notched impact strength (23℃)/(J/m) 105-215 215-375 375-440 120-320 265-375
Rockwell hardness (R) 100-110 95-105 88-100 100-112 103-110
Heat distortion temperature (1.82MPa)/℃ 87-96 89-96 91-100 105-121 95-100
Linear expansion coefficient/(10/℃) 7.0-8.8 7.8-8.8 9.5-11 6.4-9.3 6.5-7.0