• Semiconductor

    JunYing is a sophisticated semiconductor CNC machining services supplier to offer precision machined semiconductor components that customer needed.

  • Aerospace

    Junying offers high precision CNC Aerospace Machining (milling, turning, drilling) to create a wide variety of CNC Machined Aerospace parts (aviation parts) & components.

  • Agricultural

    We offer precision machining service for CNC turning agricultural parts & components, manufacture agricultural CNC machined parts to meet customers’ requirements.

  • Automotive

    Junying offers high precision CNC Automotive Machining (milling, turning, drilling) to create a wide variety of CNC Machined Automotive parts (Car parts) & components.

  • Electronic

    China top supplier of advanced CNC Machining Services (turning, milling, drilling) for Electronics industry, Cnclathing offers a complete range of CNC Machined Electronic parts and components!

  • Food

    JunYing is China top precision machined components manufacturer offering CNC turning, milling, and drilling services for unmatched quality CNC machining parts for food processing equipment, machines, machinery and devices.

  • High Tech

    JunYing is a leading CNC machining company and supplier of precision high-tech CNC machined parts and machining services for high-tech industry.

  • Machine Tool

    We provide best CNC machining service for machine tool manufacturing industry, manufacture kinds of CNC machine tool parts & components.

  • Marine

    We are committed to supplying high quality CNC machined components for Marine industry. Buy cheap CNC marine parts from Junying for your applications!

  • Medical

    China top supplier of premier CNC Machining Services for Medical and Healthcare Industry (turning, milling, drilling), Cnclathing offers a wide range of CNC Machined Medical parts and components!

  • Military

    JunYing providing enhanced quality CNC military parts, components, and assemblies with CNC machining services for military and defense industry.