Steel Sheet Metal Fabrication

Steel metal sheets, such as low carbon steel and cold rolled steel sheets are widely used in sheet metal fabrication to supply products for different industries. Steel is a fairly affordable material with some great mechanical properties and good formability. It also can be easily bent and welded, heat treatment can be used to improve its properties. Steel sheet metal fabrication is the process in which steel alloys can be formed into sheets and turned into structures and products with desired shapes and sizes by cutting, punching, welding, bending, stretching, and other metal fabrication processes. Steel sheet metal parts can be found in both heavy instruments and consumer products. Cold rolled steel sheets are often used for more precise applications are where aesthetic matters, they are typically harder and stronger than standard hot-rolled steels. Each type of steel sheet has its own advantages and drawbacks, the selection of steel sheet metal fabrication material depends on your requirements on the product.

Benefits of Steel in Sheet Metal Fabrication

  • Steel is a low-cost metal compared to many other materials such as aluminum
  • Steel can be easily bent and welded, also can be heat treated
  • Steel is compatible with a wide range of surface finishing methods
  • Steel is versatile to be used to make consumer products and industrial components
  • Steel has a large number of grades and alloys with varying properties to fit different purposes

Types of Steel Used in Sheet Metal Fabrication

The cold-rolled steel is essentially hot rolled steel further processed, once hot rolled steel has cooled, re-roll it at room temperature to achieve better surface finishes, closer tolerances, etc. CRS is available in 1008 and 1018. CR galvanized steel and CR galvannealed steel sheet metal parts also have been extensively used. Galvanized steel generally get better corrosion resistance. In addition, high-carbon steel, stainless steel, tool steel, and alloy steel also can be found in sheet metal fabrication services.

  • Cold rolled steel 1008: a standard carbon steel grade. It is a cost-effective, general-purpose steel grade with moderate strength and toughness. Because 1008 steel is extremely weldable and formable, it is often used in drawing and other cold-forming processes. Low carbon steel CR 1008 is typically utilized in an extruded, cold-headed, cold upset, and cold-pressed components and forms.
  • Cold rolled steel 1018: versatile low carbon steel with excellent case hardening properties. With a greater manganese content, 1018 is superior steel for carburized components, producing a tougher, more homogeneous casing. Additionally, owing to the cold-drawing technique, it has improved mechanical characteristics and machinability. Cold drawing raises the tensile and yield strengths of the material while decreasing its ductility. Additionally, cold drawing strengthens the torsional structure, enhances the surface hardness, and improves wear resistance.
  • Low carbon steel: a type of steel sheet with up to 0.2% carbon. The primary advantage of low-carbon steel is its ease of welding and fabrication. It is very ductile, quickly conducts heat, and has a high degree of malleability. Low-carbon steel, like high-carbon steel, is less expensive than stainless steel. Low-carbon steel is corrosive, making it unsuitable for use in severe or moist conditions. Additionally, it is less strong than the majority of stainless steel grades.

Steel Sheet Metal Fabrication Services – Steel Sheet Metal Parts Manufacturer

Since 2005, the team at Junying started to manufacture custom parts and components for customers from a wide variety of industries. Not only CNC machining, but we also offer steel sheet metal fabrication and other manufacturing services with our partners. We work on projects in different volumes and deliver OEM steel sheet metal parts in varying sizes and designs based on the capabilities of a diversity of sheet metal fabrication techniques. Our experts are always on hand to provide suggestions and assistance on material selection, design improvement, and production optimization. We have been working with carbon steel, cold-rolled steel, galvanized steel, mild steel, and more steel types and grades. No matter what purposes and applications of your required sheet metal steel parts, we’ll give the best return on your payment.

Why Choose Steel Sheet Metal Fabrication at Junying

  • Each sheet metal design can be engineered to exact standards
  • Sheet metal parts are manufactured with precise automated equipment
  • Both large and small precision-engineered sheet meat fabrications are offered
  • Optimize the custom design to the best sheet metal form for your specific use
  • High quality and cost-effectiveness to allow your parts to last a long time
  • Fast turnaround and on-time delivery without months and months of waiting