CNC Machining in Polyethylene – What is PE (Polyethylene) Plastic?

PE plastic can be processed with several subtractive machining techniques, polyethylene CNC machining services at Junying can supply highly accurate polyethylene parts, components, and accessories. What is Polyethylene or PE plastic?

Polyethylene (PE or Polythene) is the most commonly used plastic now, especially in the packaging industry. PE plastic is a white waxy translucent material, soft and tough, lighter than water, non-toxic, and has superior dielectric properties, exhibits low strength, hardness, and rigidity, but a high ductility and impact strength as well as low friction, it is also a good electrical insulator. Polyethylene has excellent chemical stability. It is resistant to various chemicals such as hydrochloric acid, hydrofluoric acid, phosphoric acid, sodium hydroxide, and potassium hydroxide at room temperature. Nitric acid and sulfuric acid have a strong destructive effect on polyethylene. And it is easy to degrade under the action of ultraviolet light. The most well-known types of PE plastics include LDPE, HDPE, UHMWPE, and LLDPE.

Types of Polyethylene Plastics

  • Low-Density Polyethylene (LDPE): LDPE is milky white, tasteless, odorless, non-toxic, waxy particles with a matte surface. The density is 0.91 – 0.93g/cm3, which is the lightest variety in polyethylene resin. It has good flexibility, extensibility, electrical insulation, transparency, easy processing, and certain air permeability. It has good chemical stability, alkali resistance, and resistance to general organic solvents.
  • Linear Low-Density Polyethylene (LLDPE): LLDPE is non-toxic, tasteless, and odorless milky white particles with a density of 0.918 – 0.935g/cm3. Compared with LDPE, it has a higher softening temperature and melting temperature and has the advantages of high strength, good toughness, high rigidity, heat resistance, and cold resistance. It also has good environmental stress cracking resistance, impact strength, and tear strength. It can resist acid, alkali, and organic solvents, and is widely used in industry, agriculture, medical, etc.
  • High-Density Polyethylene (HDPE): HDPE is a non-polar thermoplastic resin with high crystallinity. It is a white powder or granular product. It is non-toxic and tasteless. The crystallinity is 80% ~ 90%, the softening point is 125 ~ 135 ℃, and the service temperature can reach 100 ℃; Hardness, tensile strength, and creep are better than those of low-density polyethylene; Good wear resistance, electrical insulation, toughness, and cold resistance; good chemical stability, insoluble in any organic solvent at room temperature, resistant to acid, alkali, etc.
  • Ultrahigh Molecular Weight Polyethylene (UHMWPE): UHMWPE is a kind of high molecular compound, which is difficult to process, and has super wear resistance and self-lubrication. UHMWPE is a kind of thermoplastic engineering plastic with a linear structure and excellent comprehensive properties.

Benefits of Polyethylene Material

  • High toughness and impact strength
  • Low moisture absorption, high electrical insulation
  • Great chemical resistance
  • Good stability in temperature
  • Excellent strength-to-weight ratio
  • A diversity of PE variants

Polyethylene CNC Machining Services – Custom PE Plastic Machined Parts Manufacturer in China

High-density, low-density, and other polyethylene variants can be machined using PE CNC machining services at Junying, which is a reliable supplier of precision machined parts, we can work well with a wide selection of thermoplastics. Based on years of experience and knowledge accumulation, we can produce most custom polyethylene parts according to customer requirements and orders. CNC Polyethylene machining is a versatile and efficient manufacturing solution to get a large number of high-quality parts with complex geometries and high consistency. From design to material to production, we are well-equipped and skilled to help you gain the best outcome.

Why Choose Junying CNC Polyethylene Machining

  • Keep you updated on the production and delivery
  • Rapid prototypes and low to high volume production
  • ISO 9001 quality insurance and strict quality control
  • Advanced machining centers and inspection instrument
  • Decades of years in CNC manufacturing
  • Seasoned experts and well-trained operators