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Precision CNC machining services are ideal for manufacturing custom CNC parts needed for customers across a wide variety of industries and specialty applications. Junying is a CNC parts online supplier providing top-quality metal parts and DIY CNC parts made of other materials. CNC components machining service at Junying can work with stainless steel, carbon steel, brass, aluminum, titanium, bronze, plastics, etc. Our global custom machining network is optimized for production in flexible quantities. In addition to conventional turning, milling, and drilling processes, we also offer a ton of other fabrication services to take your unique design to realization with the help of professional engineers and seasoned workers. Our team can provide different custom metal finishing services for your CNC parts, such as anodizing and electro galvanizing. If you need, our certified partners can provide forging, extrusion, heat treating, and other operations. The comprehensive services make us a one-stop shop that provides the best quality control and competitive price.

Why Choose Junying CNC Custom Parts

Junying is your right CNC parts machine shop with online quotes and fast shipping.

  • State-of-the-art equipment. Productions using versatile CNC machining centers and inspections using CMM and more accurate tools.
  • High affordability. Cost-effective materials and cost control throughout the whole process make us an economical option.
  • Multiple services. CNC milling, CNC turning, EDM, finishing, hardware assembly, and more services are provided for your CNC parts.
  • Quality and precision. ISO 9001 certified, material certification available, and tight tolerances as your request.
  • Reply and delivery. Free online quote is available as long as your file is submitted. Quick lead time ensures the goods are delivered on time.
  • Capability. Our CNC machines can handle complex operations like small radius cuts and tapped holes while maintaining a high-quality level.

What is Custom Machining?

Custom machining often refers to custom CNC machining services provided to meet the specific requirements of customers for piece-parts, or component parts. Most of the custom machined parts are made with CNC machines. With the development of manufacturing techniques, design software, transportation, and shipment, custom parts for specific uses are becoming more and more common among CNC machining parts orders. Custom CNC machining uses CAD files and converts them to the programmed languages for instructing the actions of machines. Generally, the customer’s requirements are specified by a detailed 2D/3D drawing with additional notes or markings. Custom machining involves various forms of technologies and machinery, from traditional lathes to 5-axis CNC machining centers to Swiss-type machines, and from rapid prototype to plastic machining to metal machining. Normally, CNC milling and CNC turning can implement a lot of features. But some custom machining jobs do not require CNC equipment at all.

When and Why Custom Machining is Needed?

In some cases, when designers create a new production project, and a single component of the product cannot be purchased from the supplier or not sold at a reasonable price, custom machining is required. Completely ordinary parts that happen to have special requirements may also need custom machining. These components may be simple or just new inventions, such as gears of non-standard sizes or materials, custom adapters, text engraving, etc. When the part is not sold as an off-the-shelf item or catalog, custom machining is needed to customize it. Depending on the shape, size, and other requirements of the custom machined parts, the production might be done using a lathe, a milling machine, a drill bit, a stamping press or other equipment. Quality CNC custom parts can be made in high efficiency from their digital files because there is rarely a minimum order quantity and the setup time is short.

Characteristics of Custom CNC Parts

  • Custom CNC parts generally have higher strength and integrity, also come in higher accuracy.
  • Custom machined parts can be made much faster than a number of other methods.
  • CNC custom parts are usually manufactured to be used in performance-critical industries.
  • Custom parts are demanding due to the critical nature and stringent requirements.
  • The desired custom parts are non-standard or not available from common suppliers.
  • Some features of custom parts can’t be found on standard components.
  • CNC machine shops often accept small quantities and can complete shipping on time.
  • Multiple custom components can be assembled to a complete single part.
  • Custom CNC parts tend to be produced for a particular end-use.
  • Custom machined parts are often more expensive than mass production products.