CNC Drilling For ABS Plastic

ABS (Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene) plastic is a kind of versatile thermoplastic plastic of low cost, used for making functional and large parts with good mechanical properties. As ABS provides a balanced combination of chemical resistance, mechanical toughness, wide temperature ranges, as well as easy processing, stable product size and good surface luster, it is ideal for turning, drilling and milling. ABS plastic in CNC drilling is usually by hammering a drill bit into the hole with quickly repeated short movement. The hammering action can be performed from outside the hole or within the hole. After surface treatment of silk-screen printing, anodizing, electroplating, powder coating, etc, you can get the final CNC drilling ABS parts. Since ABS is easy to machine and fabricate, it is widely used for machining preproduction prototypes simply because of its excellent dimensional stability.

  • Features & Benefits Of ABS Drilled Parts

    – Excellent impact resistance
    – Good heat resistance and machinability
    – Low temperature
    – Chemical resistance
    – Corrosion and abrasion resistant
    – Good comprehensive performance

ABS CNC Drilling Service – Chin High Precision ABS CNC Milled Parts Manufacturer

Junying is one of the most reliable plastic CNC machining services manufacturers in China, specializes in machining drilling all kinds of different materials plastic parts. As one of the most popular engineering plastic – ABS will not be ignored. We have own advanced CNC drilling, turning, milling and lathe to complete different geometry shapes and dimensions of the ABS parts. And we also have professional technical personnel and skilled employers to meet any unique design requirements of our customers. Drilling ABS to close tolerances can be achieved with Junying advanced techniques.


Building and lifting industry, Engineering and engineering design industry,Aerospace industry, Machinery and tools industry, Electronic instrumentation equipment industry, automotive industry

  • Advantages Of Our CNC ABS Drilling Service

    – Junying professional engineering team and skilled machines operator are capable to complete the ABS CNC drilling process efficiently.
    – Affordable and cheap prices without quality reduction.
    – All ABS CNC drilled parts are manufactured with the industry standards and highest quality.
    – OEM express service ensure all ABS parts of CNC drilling service are delivered within the stipulated time frame.