CNC Machining for High-Tech Industry

New and high-tech industry is a is a collection of enterprises engaged in the research, development, production and technique service of one or more technologies and high-tech products. With higher economic and social benefits, high-tech industry developed rapidly recent years even though it’s not easy. Precision online CNC machining services for high-tech industry is keeping up with the trend, providing multiple processing to manufacture and handle with various high-tech CNC machined parts.

  • Features of CNC Machining High-tech Products:

    – High technical content
    – High economic and social profits
    – Can’t be replaced or surpassed in the short term
    – Can address latent customer needs and forecasting future needs
    – Integrated new technology and design for innovation

High-Tech Precision Machining Services & CNC Machined High-Tech Parts Manufacturer

JunYing is a leading CNC machining company and supplier of precision machined components for high-tech industry, with extensive experiences and rich expertise in 5 axis CNC machining, we are dedicated to become a reliable and valuable partner for high-tech products CNC manufacturing. Our high-tech CNC machined parts will conform to the strict standard of the industry. Ultra-precision, high accuracy and tight tolerance will be confirmed to be consistence with your high-tech products requirements. Welcome to contact us through enquiry directly or send us your drawings and designs for custom machining service.

Specifications of Our CNC Machining High-Tech Products

  • Main Materials:

    Brass, Aluminum, Steel, Stainless Steel, Titanium, ABS, Delrin, Graphite, HDPE, Nylon, PLA, PC, PEEK, PMMA, PP, PTFE, VeroClear, etc.

  • Process Type:

    grinding, milling, turning, trimming, drilling, deburring, tapping, threading, sandblasting, polishing, vibratory finishing, pressure testing, washing, etc.

  • Typical High-Tech CNC Machined Parts:

    high-tech auto parts, high-tech computer parts, high-tech transmission parts, etc.

  • Tolerance:

    ± .0002 in (±.005 mm)

  • Certification:


  • Surface roughness:

    Surface roughness:

  • Applications:

    microelectronics and electronic information, space science and aerospace, optoelectronics, life science and bioengineering, material science and new material, energy science and new energy, ecological science and environmental protection, earth science and marine engineering, basic material science and radiation, medical science and biomedical engineering and other fields.

  • Advantages of Our High-Tech CNC Machining Services & Parts

    – Precision engineered to exact standards
    – Quality assurance and on-time delivery
    – Custom design and efficient manufacturing
    – Reasonable prices and small order accepted
    – High-tech materials and up-to-date equipment