6063 Aluminum Machining Medical Equipment Parts

CNC machining aluminum 6063-T5 parts for medical equipment can be manufactured with high standard and stable performance at Junying. Aluminum 6063-T5 is a variant of aluminum 6063, refers to the alloy in the T5 temper, which can be achieved through artificially aged. AA 6063-T5 alloy contains alloying elements of magnesium and silicon, has a high tensile strength of at least 140MPa, yield strength of at least 97MPa. 6063 T5 aluminum properties make it suitable for architectural fabrication, pipe and tubing, window and door frames, aluminum furniture, roofs and sign frames, aluminum medical devices, etc. CNCLATHING medical CNC machining services enable us to supply industry-leading products for the medical machine, surgical and dental instruments.

Advantages of Our 6063 Aluminum Machining Medical Equipment Parts

– Extruded aluminum machining parts can be created without joining, decrease materials and cost
– Lightweight and strong, easy to use in diagnostic and surgical devices like stethoscopes and disposable tools
– 6063 aluminum are biocompatible, anodize aluminum coatings are RoHS compliant.
– You can get the aluminum medical products with inexpensive prices and short lead times

Specifications of 6063 Aluminum Machining Medical Equipment Parts

Material 6063 aluminum
Tolerance +/-0.002mm
Surface Treatment Anodizing, chrome plating, silver plating, polishing, galvanized, electroplating, passivation, powder coating, spraying, and painting, etc
Main Process CNC machining, turning, lathing, milling, drilling, grinding, boring, stamping, threading, tamping, EDM, wire walking, laser cutting, laser marking, and surface treatment
Quality Control Strictly Quality control in the whole process, from material to packing
Industry CT scanning, 3D projector, X-ray technology, Coordinate-measuring machine
Usage Medical machine, equipment, and devices
Customized Drawings Auto CAD, JPEG, PDF, STP, IGS, and most other file formats are accepted