CNC Machining Vs Conventional Machining – Difference Between CNC Machining And Conventional Machining


With the continuous development of science and technology, the processing technology has changed a lot. The development from conventional machining to CNC machining marks the progress and perfection of technology. CNC machining and conventional machining have their own characteristics. In this guide, we make a comparison between CNC machining and conventional machining from many aspects, hoping to provide some valuable reference for the improvement and development of machining process.

What Is CNC Machining

CNC machining technology is based on the traditional machining technology, through the effective combination with CNC technology, computer-aided design and auxiliary manufacturing technology, so as to form the CNC machining processing technology. Compared with the traditional machining technology, it has greater advantages, and has become an indispensable important processing technology in the modern processing industry.


What Is Conventional Machining

Traditional machining is the experience and technology accumulated by human beings through long-term life and production practice, and it is the processing technology handed down from generation to generation. At present, most of the mechanical manufacturing technology adopts the traditional machining. Its typical feature is to obtain resources from the nature and become various engineering materials after refining. The conventional machining is usually a mode from the beginning of processing to the measurement link and finally to the reprocessing. To some extent, the processing technology is random and has a great relationship with the experience of personnel.


In addition, the conventional machining in modern factories is difficult to adapt to the batch operation mode, it is difficult to form scale and the degree of automation is not very high. The most important thing is that in the process of using products, pollution problems such as waste gas, waste and noise are still the main factors that damage the environment. Another headache for manufacturers is that once the traditional processing equipment and its parts are damaged, they become waste and cannot be recycled, which not only causes waste of resources, but also may cause waste pollution, and bring trouble and harm to the environment and the lives of surrounding residents.


Advantages Of CNC Machining Over Conventional Machining

1. Unparalleled accuracy

Many machines work effectively only when they provide the required accuracy. Therefore, it is the basic quality of many manufacturing processes. The accuracy of the machine is expected only when all individual components are accurately manufactured. CNC machining can meet this demand and ensure high accuracy in the manufacturing process.


2. Excellent durability

In addition to high accuracy, CNC machining provides consistent durability. Any well maintained CNC assembly can work all day.


3. Reduce the reliability of human resources

Generally, the manufacturing process is seen as a considerable labor force working around the machine. Numerical control technology has broken the stereotyped image of manufacturing plants. You won’t need a lot of workers to handle a CNC driven manufacturing environment. A skilled operator and programmer can be responsible for many aspects of CNC production operation.


4. Safer and less maintenance

Workers’ compensation claims mainly come from manufacturing plants. Therefore, if you want to design a safe working environment in the manufacturing area, please integrate CNC machining into it. Due to less participation and errors, it can maintain the safety of the workplace effortlessly.

How to compare CNC machining and conventional machining? Here we introduce the difference between CNC machining and traditional machining.

CNC Machining VS Conventional Machining

1. Processing technique

In the conventional machining technology, the locating datum , installing method, cutting tools, cutting methods and other aspects can be simplified, but CNC machining technology is more complex, which need to take these factors into full consideration, and even if the processing task is same, CNC machining technology can have a number of schemes, it can process different parts of a work piece at the same time, the process has diversified characteristics, which is the difference between CNC machining technology and conventional machining technology.

2. Clamping and fixture

In CNC machining technology,the clamp and the machine tool need to be fixed, and we also need to coordinate the dimensional relationship of coordinate system between machine tools and parts.In addition, the two steps of positioning and clamping need to be effectively controlled in the process of clamping.And with the conventional machining technology, the processing capacity of the machine tool is limited, During the course of working, it needs to carry out several times clamping.And during the process it needs to use special fixture, which leads to higher costs in the design and manufacture of the fixture.For CNC machining process, instrumentation can be used for debugging, in most cases it doesn’t a special fixture, so the cost  is relatively low.

3. Cutting tool

During the machining process, the cutting tool is determined by different processing technology and processing methods.Especially in computer numerical control processing, the use of high-speed cutting is not only conducive to the improvement of processing efficiency, but also conducive to the quality of processing, effectively reduce the probability of cutting deformation, so that the processing cycle is shortened.

At present, there is a dry cutting method,the cutting tool can work under the circumstances when there is no cutting fluid or only a small amount of cutting fluid, so the cutting tool need to have a good heat resistance. Compared with the conventional machining technology, the computer numerical control machining technology has higher requirements for the performance of the cutting tool.

4. Cutting parameters

In the traditional machining process, the more complex surface and curve operation is prone to errors, so it is necessary to carefully select the cutting parameters. But CNC machine tool is based on the control of the system, and then operate, all the surface processing process can be controlled on the basis of the use of the program. The tool path is more flexible, which can be based on the actual demand, and then set a more scientific cutting parameters, so that the processing efficiency can be comprehensively improved. Compared with traditional machine tool processing, it has great advantages. At present, rough machining based on high speed machining has advantages of high feed rate and high cutting speed, which greatly improves the processing efficiency, and reduces the damage degree of the tool to a great extent, and further prolongs the service life of the tool. For traditional machining, these are impossible to achieve.

5. Flexibility

In traditional machine tools, the flexibility of general machine tools is very good, but the processing efficiency is very low; The special machine tool has high processing efficiency, but it does not have high applicable function of parts. It has poor flexibility and high rigidity, so it is difficult to adapt to the continuous modification of products in the market, which makes the competitiveness weak. For CNC machine tools, as long as the program is changed, the new parts can be processed with good flexibility, automatic operation and high processing efficiency, which can well adapt to the fierce market competition.

6. Quality

When using NC machining, the degree of automation is very high, so we should pay special attention to the quality and safety. Before the process is put into production, the processing technology should be tested. Only when the requirements of all aspects of production are met, can it be put into practical production and application. However, in the traditional processing, the process documents can be put into production as the guidance of the production line without the above complex process.

Is CNC Machining Better Than Conventional?

The basic guarantee of CNC machining process is traditional machining, which is based on the traditional machining to improve CNC machining. Although it has certain advanced technology, it still has its own shortcomings. Both the CNC machining and the traditional machining are the guiding documents to guide the operators to gradually produce the parts into qualified parts. The quality of process planning directly affects the production cost and efficiency of products, so its role in production is very important and indispensable. Only by choosing the correct and reasonable machining, can we produce high-precision products, reduce production costs, improve production efficiency and create good benefits for enterprises.