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Other than CAD software for CNC machining, CAM (Computer-Aided Manufacturing) software is also important for both machinists and engineers. What are common CAM programming software and which software is used for CNC programming? Here CNCLATHING.COM introduces some recommended CNC programming software with the download method.

What is CNC programming?

CNC (Computer Numerical Control) programming is used to create program instructions by programmers for computers to control CNC machines to complete specific operations and produce a part, which improves the automation of equipment and efficiency of manufacturing.

Which Software is Used for CNC Programming - Best CNC Programming Software

1. Unigraphics (UG NX)

Unigraphics, now is known as NX or Siemens NX, is an advanced and integrated CAD/CAM/CAE software, it has hybrid modeling capabilities, allows users to design standard geometry components and complex free-from shapes, or combine solid and surface-building techniques into a single powerful tool, it can make the design of complex CNC machining parts is easier and faster, also reduces the production error and improves surface finish. In the UN software, you can control model parameters through Laws and Law Curve. You can view a model from inside the model and record a simple journal with Journal files. 

How to download Siemens NX: 



2. PowerMill

PowerMill is a CAM software suitable for high-speed and 5-axis machining, it is capable to create precision complex parts with expert CNC programming strategies for 3- and 5-axis subtractive, high-rate additive and hybrid manufacturing, and solve different problems with a vast library of strategies, automate programming is available with custom templates and macros, the PowerMill software can shorten machining times, improve control, improve productivity, avoid collisions and gouges, and minimize the manual polishing needs. 

How to download PowerMill: https://www.autodesk.com/products/powermill/evaluation


3. Mastercam

MasterCAM started as a 2D CAM system with CAD tool that let users design virtual parts on a computer screen and also guide computer numerical controlled machine tools in the production, it has grown into the most widely used CAD/CAM package in the world and developed into a Windows-based CAD/CAM software suitable for 2/3/4/5-axis milling, turning, routing, wire EDM, 2D and 3D design, surface and solid modeling. It has a comprehensive set of predefined toolpaths, including contour, drill, pocketing, face, peel mill, engraving, surface high speed, advanced multiaxis, etc., and enable users to create customized definitions with the advanced tools, also allows the integration of 3rd party applications (C-hooks) to address unique scenarios.

How to buy Mastercam: https://www.mastercam.com/


4. HSMWorks

HSMWorks is a good value CNC programming software has the best CAD integration and features, good ease of use and simulator, and good toolpaths, users can design and generate CAM toolpaths without the hassle of changing software, it supports 2D, 3D Mill, 4th Axis and 5-axis Milling, 2D Turning and Mill-Turn, can connect your SOLIDWORKS files to Fusion 360, then unlock access to advanced design tools, the full integration with with SOLIDWORKS lets you work in a familiar interface connected to powerful design tools. HSMWorks works through maintaining a constant angle of engagement of the tool, eliminates the risk of tool breakage due to the overload, you can take much deeper cuts. The programming software reduce rework, cycle time, and tool wear. 

How to download HSMWorks: https://www.autodesk.com/campaigns/hsmxpress-download


5. Edgecam

Edgecam is a leading CAM system for CNC programming, with the best toolpaths, best simulation, outstanding ease of use and high customer satisfaction. It offers a complete solution for CNC milling, turning, mill-turn programming, combines seamlessly with CAD integration and sophisticated automation tools and simplifies all machining applications. When you loading the updated design model, the Edgecam features such as pockets, holes, bosses, and threads will be updated automatically. 

How to download Edgecam: https://www.edgecam.com/