Best CNC Software For Programming: UG, Cimatron, Mastercam, Powermill


CNC programming is one of the main contents in the preparation stage of CNC machining, and it is also the premise to support all machining processes. It usually includes analyzing the part drawing and determining the processing process; Calculate the tool path, get the tool position data, write the CNC machining program, make the control medium, check the program and test cut the first piece. There are two methods: manual programming and automatic programming. In a word, it is the whole process from part drawing to obtaining CNC machining program. Today, the development of CNC technology is very complete. There are many programming software available for machining centers, but the following 4 CNC software that have been recognized by many people are still worth trying!

Best Software For CNC Programming - What Software Do You Use For CNC

1. UG

UG (unigraphicsnx) is one of the most widely used programming software at present. It is an interactive cad/cam system. It can easily realize the construction of various complex entities and shapes, and provides a proven solution. With the development of PC technology, it has gradually become the mainstream application software of 3D design in the mold industry, and is also widely used in the programming operation of machining centers.

UG includes the most powerful and extensive product design application modules in the world today. With high-performance mechanical design and drawing functions, it provides high performance and flexibility for manufacturing design to meet the needs of customers in designing any complex product. Superior to general design tools, it has professional pipeline and circuit design systems, sheet metal modules, special plastic parts design modules and professional applications required by other industries.


2. Powermill

Powermill is a powerful CNC machining software system with rich machining strategies. It can be perfectly applied to the new Chinese Windows computer system, so as to improve the processing efficiency, reduce manual trimming, quickly generate rough and finish machining paths, and the modification and recalculation of any scheme can be completed almost instantaneously, with integrated simulation entity processing.

Powermill is also widely used. The reason is that it has a complete processing scheme. There is no need for human intervention to prepare the processing model. It has no experience requirements for operators. Programmers can easily complete the work and focus on other important things. In addition, it can also accept the three-dimensional computer models generated by different software systems, so that manufacturers using many different CAD systems do not need to reinvest.


3. Cimatron

Cimatron supports almost all current industry standard data information formats. These interfaces include IGES, VDA, DXF, STL, step, rd-ptc, neutral format files, UG, etc. It is applicable to the programming of die processing. As an integrated software, Cimatron has a series of powerful special tools for plastic mold and hardware mold. Combined with the concept and function of parallel operation, starting from the overall process, Cimatron can improve the efficiency of cavity mold design and manufacturing, shorten the mold making cycle, and greatly reduce the enterprise cost in terms of human resources and production resources at the beginning of programming.


4. Mastercam

MasterCAM integrates many functions, such as 2D drawing, 3D solid modeling, surface design, voxel assembly, NC programming, tool path simulation and realistic simulation. It has convenient and intuitive geometric modeling. MasterCAM provides an ideal environment for part shape design. Its powerful and stable modeling function can design complex curve and surface parts.

Mastercam9.0 and above also support the Chinese environment. It is an ideal choice for the majority of small and medium-sized enterprises. It is a cost-effective and all-round software system. It is a cad/cam system widely used in industry and schools. MasterCAM is also an earlier CNC programming software introduced in China, which has been tested by the market for a long time and meets the processing programming needs of China’s manufacturing industry. At the same time, Mastercam has low requirements for the operating environment of the system, so that users can obtain the best results in modeling design, CNC milling machine, CNC machining center, CNC wire cutting, metal cutting and other processing operations, and it is as widely used as UG.