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CNC services suppliers across the world use CNC controls with the programming language to instruct the operation of the machine tool. G-code is the most widely used computer numerical control programming language, which is the core of CNC programs, also the instructions of turning and milling machines. Based on different systems, there will be subtle differences. Here you can check out the list of Haas G Codes and Haas M Codes for CNC Lathes/Mills. Also, Haas and Fanuc G-Code & M-Code PDF files are provided for download. Due to the different styles of G-code, it’s necessary to understand how your own machine uses G-code.

CNC Machine G-Code/M-Code PDF Download

Haas Lathe G-Code 

Haas Lathe M-Code

Haas Mill G-Code

Haas Mill M-Code

Fanuc Lathe G-Code

Fanuc Mill G-Code

Fanuc Lathe M-Code

Fanuc Mill M-Code

Haas Lathe G Codes List - Haas G Codes for CNC Lathes

G00: Rapid Position Motion

G01: Linear Interpolation Motion or Linear Motion, Chamfer and Corner Rounding – Modal

G02: CW Circulation Interpolation Motion – Modal

G03: CCW Circular Interpolation Motion – Modal

G04: Dwell (P) P=Seconds. Milliseconds

G05: Fine Spindle Control Motion (Live Tooling) – Optional

G09: Exact Stop

G10: Programmable Offset Setting

G14: Main-Spindal / Sub-Spindle Swap – Optional

G15: Main-Spindal / Sub-Spindle Swap Cancel – Optional

G17: Circular Motion XYZ Plane Selection Live Tooling (G02, G03) – Modal, Optional

G18: Circular Motion ZX Plane Selection (G02, G03)

G19: Circular Motion YZ Plane Selection Live Tooling (G02, G03) – Modal/Optional

G20: Verify Inch Coordinate Positioning

G21: Verify Metric Coordinate Positioning – Modal

G28: Rapid to machine zero return through Ref. Point

G29: Move to Location Through G29 Ref. Point

G31: Feed Until skip Function – Optional

G32: Thread cutting path – Modal

G40: Tool Nose Compensation Cancel G41/G42

G41: Tool Nose Compensation, Left – Modal

G42: Tool Nose Compensation, Right – Modal

G50: Spindle Speed Maximum RPM Limit (S) – Modal

G51: Rapid to Machine zero, Cancel offset

G52: Work offset Positioning Coordinate OR Global Work Offset Coordinate System Shift – Modal

G53: Machine Zero Positioning Coordinate

G54: Work Offset Positioning Coordinate #1

G55: Work Offset Positioning Coordinate #2 – Modal

G56: Work Offset Positioning Coordinate #3 – Modal

G57: Work Offset Positioning Coordinate #4 – Modal

G58: Work Offset Positioning Coordinate #5 – Modal

G59: Work Offset Positioning Coordinate #6 – Modal

G61: Exact Stop – Modal

G64: Exact Stop G61 Cancel

G65: Macro Sub-Routine Call – Optional

G70: Finishing Cycle

G71: O.D. / I.D. Stock Removal Cycle Example

G72: End Face Stock Removal Cycle

G73: Irregular Path Stock Removal Cycle

G74: Face Grooving OR High Speed Peck Drill Cycle

G75: Peck Grooving Cycle O.D. or I.D.

G76: Threading Cycle, Multiple Pass O.D. / I.D.

G77: Live Tooling Flatting Cycle – Optional

G80: Cancel Canned Cycle

G81: Drill Canned Cycle – Modal

G82: Spot Drill / Counterbore Canned Cycle – Modal

G83: Peck Drill Deep Hole Canned Cycle – Modal

G84: Tapping Canned Cycle – Modal

G85: Bore In-Bore Out Canned Cycle – Modal

G86: Bore In-Stop-Rapid Out Canned Cycle – Modal

G87: Bore In-Stop-Manual Retract Canned Cycle – Modal

G88: Bore In-Dwell-Manual Retract Canned Cycle – Modal

G89: Bore In-Dwell-Bore-out Canned Cycle – Modal

G90: O.D. / I.D. Turning Cycle – Modal

G92: Threading Cycle – Modal

G94: End Facing Cycle – Modal

G95: Live Tooling End Face Rigid Tap – Modal/Optional

G96: Constant Surface speed, CSS On – Modal

G97: Constant Non-Varying Spindle Speed, CSS Off (S)

G98: Feed Per Minute (F) – Modal

G99: Feed Per Revolution (F)

G100: Mirror Image Cancel G101

G101: Mirror Image

G102: Programmable Output to RS – 232

G103: Limit Block Lookahead

G105: Servo Bar Command – Optional

G110-G111: Work Offset-positioning Coordinate #7-#8 – Modal

G112: Cartesian to Polar Transformation – Optional

G113: Cartesian to Polar Transformation Cancel – Optional

G114-G129: Work Offset Positioning Coordinate #9-#24 – Modal

G154: Select Work Offset Positioning Coordinate P1-99 (P) – Modal

G159: Background Pickup / Part Return – Optional

G160: APL Axis Command On – Optional

G161: APL Axis Command Off – Optional

G184: Reverse Tapping Canned Cycle – Modal

G186: Live Tooling Reverse Rigid Tap – Optional

G187: Accuracy Control for High Speed Machining (E)

G194: Sub-Spindle / Tapping Canned Cycle – Modal

G195: Live Tooling Radial Tapping – Optional

G196: Live Tooling Radial Tapping Reverse – Optional

G200: Index on the Fly

Haas Lathe M Codes List - Haas M Codes for CNC Lathes

M00: Program Stop – Modal

M01: Optional Program Stop – Modal

M02: Program End – Modal

M03: Spindle on Forward (S) – Modal

M04: Spindle on Reverse (S) – Modal

M05: Spindle Stop – Modal

M08: Coolant On – Modal

M09: Coolant Off – Modal

M10: Chuck Clamp – Modal

M11: Chuck Unclamp – Modal

M12: Auto Air Jet On (P) – Modal/Optional

M13: Auto Air Jet Off – Modal/Optional

M14: Main Spindle Clamp – Modal/Optional

M15: Main Spindle Unclamp – Modal/Optional

M17: Rotate Turret Forward (T) – Modal

M18: Rotate turret Reverse (T) – Modal

M19: Orient Spindle – Modal/Optional Example

M21: Tailstock Advance – Modal/Optional

M22: Trailstock Retract – Modal/Optional

M23: Angle Out of Thread On – Modal

M24: Angle of Thread Off – Modal

M25-M28: Optional User M Code Interface with M-Fin Signal – Modal

M30: Program End and Reset – Modal

M31: Chip Auger Forward – Modal

M33: Chip Auger Stop – Modal

M36: Parts Catcher On – Modal/Optional

M37: Parts Catcher Off – Modal/Optional

M38: Specify Spindle Variation On – Modal

M39: Specify Spindle Variation Off – Modal

M41: Spindle Low Gear Override – Modal

M42: Spindle High Gear Override – Modal

M43: Turret Unlock – Modal

M44: Turret Lock – Modal

M51-M58: Optional User M Code Set – Modal

M59: Output Relay Set (N) – Modal

M61-M68: Optional User M Code Clear – Modal

M69: Output Relay Clear (N) – Modal

M76: Program Displays Inactive – Modal

M77: Program Displays Active – Modal

M78: Alarm in Skip Signal Found – Modal

M79: Alarm if Skip signal Not Found – Modal

M85: Automatic Door Open – Modal/Optional

M86: Automatic Door Close – Modal/Optional

M88: High Pressure Coolant ON – Modal/Optional

M89: High Pressure Coolant off – Modal/Optional

M93: Axis Position Capture Start – Modal/Optional

M94: Axis Position Capture Stop – Modal/Optional

M95: Sleep Mode – Modal

M96: Jump if no Signal – Modal

M97: Local Sub-Routine Call – Modal

M98: Sub-Program Call – Modal

M99: Sub-Program / Routine Return or Loop – Modal

M109: Inactive User Input (P) – Modal/Optional

M110: Tailstock Chuck Clamp – Modal/Optional

M111: Tailstock Chuck Unclamp – Modal/Optional

M119: Sub-Spindle Orient – Modal/Optional**

M121-M128: Optional User M Code Interface with M-Fin Signal – Modal

M133: Live tool Drive Forward (P) – Modal/Optional Example

M134: Live Tool Drive Reverse (P) – Modal/Optional

M135: Live Tool Drive Stop – Modal/Optional

M143: Sub-Spindle Forward (P) – Modal/Optional

M144: Sub-Spindle Reverse (P) – Modal/Optional

M145: Sub-Spindle Stop – Modal/Optional

M154: C Axis Engage – Modal/Optional Example

M155: C Axis Disengage – Modal/Optional

M164: Rotate APL Grippers To “n” Position – Modal/Optional

M165: Open APL Gripper 1 (Raw Material) – Modal/Optional

M166: Close APL Gripper 1 (Raw Material) – Modal/Optional

M167: Open APL Gripper 2 Finished Material) – Modal/Optional

M168: Close APL Gripper 2 (Finished Material) – Modal/Optional

Haas Mill G Codes List - Haas G Codes for CNC Milling

G00: Rapid Motion

G01: Linear Interpolation Motion

G02: CW Interpolation Motion

G03: CCW Interpolation Motion

G04: Dwell

G09: Exact Stop

G10: Programmable Offset Setting

G12: CW Circular Pock Milling (Yasnac)

G13: CCW Circular Pock Milling (Yasnac)

G17: XY Plane Selection

G18: ZX Plane Selection

G19: YZ Plane Selection

G20: Inch Programming Selection

G21: Metric Programming Selection

G28: Return to Machine Zero

G29: Move to Location Through G29 Reference

G31: Skip Function

G35: Automatic Tool Diameter Measurement

G36: Automatic Work Offset Measurement

G37: Automatic Tool Length Measurement

G40: Cutter Comp Cancel

G41: Cutter Compensation Left

G42: Cutter Compensation Right

G43: Tool Length Compensation +

G44: Tool Length Compensation –

G47: Engraving

G49: G43/G44 Cancel

G50: G51 Cancel

G51: Scaling

G52: Select Work Coordinate System G52 (Yasnac)

G52: Set Local Coordinate System (Fanuc)

G52: Set Local Coordinate System (HAAS)

G53: Non-Modal Machine Coordinate Selection

G54: Select Work Coordinate System l

G55: Select Work Coordinate System 2

G56: Select Work Coordinate System 3

G57: Select Work Coordinate System 4

G58: Select Work Coordinate System 5

G59: Select Work Coordinate System 6

G60: Unidirectional Positioning

G61: Exact Stop Modal

G64: G61 Cancel

G65: Macro Subroutine Call

G68: Rotation

G69: G68 Cancel

G70: Bolt Hole Circle (Yasnac) Example1 Example2 Example3

G71: Bolt Hole Arc (Yasnac) Example

G72: Bolt Holes Along an Angle (Yasnac) Example

G73: High Speed Peck Drill Canned Cycle

G74: Reverse Tap Canned Cycle

G76: Fine Boring Canned Cycle

G77: Back Bore Canned Cycle

G80: Canned Cycle Cancel

G81: Drill Canned Cycle Example1 Example2 Ex3 Ex4 Ex5

G82: Spot Drill Canned Cycle Ex1

G83: Peck Drill Canned Cycle Ex1 Ex2

G84: Tapping Canned Cycle Example1 Peck Tapping

G85: Boring Canned Cycle

G86: Bore/Stop Canned Cycle

G87: Bore/Manual Retract Canned Cycle

G88: Bore/Dwell Canned Cycle

G89: Bore Canned Cycle

G90: Absolute

G91: Incremental

G92: Set Work Coordinates – FANUC or HAAS

G92: Set Work Coordinates – YASNAC

G93: Inverse Time Feed Mode ON

G94: Inverse Time Feed Mode OFF/Feed Per Minute ON

G98: Initial Point Return

G99: R Plane Return

G100: Disable Mirror Image

G101: Enable Mirror Image

G102: Programmable Output To RS-232

G103: Block Look ahead Limit

G107: Cylindrical Mapping

G110: Select Coordinate System 7

G111: Select Coordinate System 8

G112: Select Coordinate System 9

G113: Select Coordinate System 10

G114: Select Coordinate System 11

G115: Select Coordinate System 12

G116: Select Coordinate System 13

G117: Select Coordinate System 14

G118: Select Coordinate System 15

G119: Select Coordinate System 16

G120: Select Coordinate System 17

G121: Select Coordinate System 18

G122: Select Coordinate System 19

G123: Select Coordinate System 20

G124: Select Coordinate System 21

G125: Select Coordinate System 22

G126: Select Coordinate System 23

G127: Select Coordinate System 24

G128: Select Coordinate System 25

G129: Select Coordinate System 26

G136: Automatic Work Offset Center Measurement

G141: 3D+ Cutter Compensation

G143: 5 Axis Tool Length Compensation+

G150: General Purpose Pocket Milling

G153: 5 Axis High Speed Peck Drill Canned Cycle

G154: P1-P99  Replaces G110-G129 on newer machines

G155: 5 Axis Reverse Tapping Canned Cycle

G161: 5 Axis Drill Canned Cycle

G162: 5 Axis Spot Drill/Counterbore Canned Cycle

G163: 5 Axis Peck Drill Canned Cycle (Setting 22)

G164: 5 Axis Tapping Canned Cycle

G165: 5 Axis Bore in, Bore out Canned Cycle

G166: 5 Axis Bore in, Stop, Rapid out Canned Cycle

G169: 5 Axis Bore, Dwell, Bore out Canned Cycle

G174: Special Purpose Non-Vertical Rigid Tapping CCW

G184: Special Purpose Non-Vertical Rigid Tapping CW

G187: Accuracy Control for High Speed Machining

G188: Get Program From PST (Program Schedule Table)

Haas Mill M Codes List - Haas M Codes for CNC Milling

M00: Program Stop

M01: Optional Program Stop

M02: Program End (Setting 39)

M03: Spindle On, Clockwise (S) (Setting 144)

M04: Spindle On, Counterclockwise (S) (Setting 144)

M05: Spindle Stop

M06: Tool Change (T) (Setting 42, 87, 155)

M08: Coolant On (Setting 32)

M09: Coolant Off

M10: 4th Axis Brake On

M11: 4th Axis Brake Release

M12: 5th Axis Brake On

M13: 5th Axis Brake Release

M16: Tool Change (T) (Same as M06)

M17: APC Pallet Unclamp and Open APC Door

M18: APC Pallet Clamp and Close APC Door

M19: Orient Spindle (P, R values optional)

M21-M28: Optional User M Code Interface with M-Fin Signals

M30: Program End and Reset (Setting 2, 39, 56, 83)

M31: Chip Auger Forward (Setting 114,115)

M33: Chip Auger Stop

M34: Coolant Spigot Position Down, Increment (+1)

M35: Coolant Spigot Position Up, Decrement (-1)

M36: Pallet Part Ready (P)

M39: Rotate Tool Turret (T#) (Setting 86)

M41: Spindle Low Gear Override

M42: Spindle High Gear Override

M50: Execute Pallet Change (P) (Setting 121 thru,129)

M51-M58: Optional User M Code Set

M59: Output Relay Set (N)

M61-M68: Optional User M Code Clear

M69: Output Relay Clear (N)

M75: Set G35 or G136 Reference Point

M76: Control Display Inactive

M77: Control Display Active

M78: Alarm if Skip Signal Found

M79: Alarm if Skip Signal Not Found

M80: Automatic Door Open (Setting 131)

M81: Automatic Door Close (Setting 131)

M82: Tool Unclamp

M83: Auto Air Jet On

M84: Auto Air Jet Off

M86: Tool Clamp

M88: Coolant Through the Spindle On

M89: Coolant Through the Spindle Off

M93: Axis POS Capture Start (P, Q)

M94: Axis POS Capture Stop

M95: Sleep Mode

M96: Jump if No Input (P, Q)

M97: Local Sub-Program Call (P, L)

M98: Sub Program Call (P, L)

M99: M97 Local Sub-Program or M98 Sub-Program Return or Loop Program (Setting 118)

M101: MOM (Minimum Oil Machining) CANNED CYCLE MODE (I)

M102: MOM (Minimum Oil Machining) MODE (I, J)

M103: MOM (Minimum Oil Machining) MODE CANEL

M109: Interactive User Input (P)