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In CNC machining, mills are often divided into horizontal, vertical and universal CNC milling machines (with the functions of vertical and horizontal CNC milling machines) according to the spatial position of the spindle during processing, as well as mold CNC milling machines specially used for mold processing. In this guide, we specifically introduce the high-speed cutting CNC milling machine.

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No matter what type of CNC milling machine, the basic structure is composed of basic components, spindle components, CNC system, automatic tool change system, auxiliary system and automatic pallet exchange system.

Different CNC milling machines have their own technical parameters, but they are often most concerned by users, such as X, y, Z axis stroke (mm), worktable size x, y, Z (mm), maximum load of worktable (kg), spindle speed (R / min), magazine capacity (handle), x, y, Z axis rapid feed (M / min), x, y, Z axis positioning accuracy (mm), x, y, Z axis repeated positioning accuracy (mm) and CNC control system. Because these parameters are directly related to the brief understanding of the use performance of the NC milling machine, we can know whether it can basically meet the use requirements. Of course, for a detailed understanding, we also need the help of relevant instructions and coal transfer.

The rotation speed of the spindle of CNC milling machine is mostly variable, from tens of thousands of revolutions per minute to tens of thousands of revolutions per minute, so as to meet the needs of different processing. However, the conventional spindle speed is thousands of revolutions per minute. The emergence of high-speed cutting requires the speed of the spindle to be increased, which is generally more than 10000 R / min.

What Is High Speed Cutting CNC Milling Machine?

It is generally believed that the machining method that the cutting speed and feed speed are more than 5-10 times higher than the conventional one is called NC milling machine high-speed cutting (machining). At present, the spindle speed of CNC milling machines suitable for high-speed cutting is more than i0000r / min, and some are as high as 100000 R / min. The power of spindle motor is 15-80kw, and the requirements for feed rate and fast travel are different in different industries, which vary in the range of about 10-100m / min. High feed speed (40-180m / min).

The application of high-speed cutting can produce a smoother machining surface due to the use of small tool quantity and dense tool path. Using the same tool and shallow radial cutting (generally 0.03mm), the radial cutting depth at the top of the ball head tool is only 0.01mm, so the machined surface quality is greatly improved. If RE polishing is required, the polishing time for manual polishing can be greatly shortened.

High speed cutting can process hardened steel, with hardness of more than 60HRC and roughness of r0.8um, and the efficiency is times higher than that of EDM. Mold processing generally uses small-diameter ball end milling cutter for high-speed milling. The rotating speed of the machine tool is required to reach 20000-40000 R / min, the feed speed is low and the rigidity of the machine tool is good.