What Are Configuration Requirements For High-Speed CNC Machining


Conventional machining centers are used for a lot of high-speed machining. It’s about how you cut rather than what you cut with. In today’s article, we list the general configuration and requirements for high speed CNC machining.

What Are Configuration Requirements For High-Speed CNC Machining

1. High speed CNC machining requirements for spindle bearings:
Spindle bearings machined by high-speed CNC shall have the characteristics of high precision, good stiffness, stable operation and small thermal expansion.


2. Types of spindle bearings for high-speed CNC machining:
Transmission belt type, transmission gear type, direct connection type and high-speed electric spindle. High speed CNC machining can apply direct spindle bearings and high-speed electric spindles. Most of the other spindle bearings cannot meet the basic speed ratio requirements of the high-speed CNC machining management center. The speed ratio of spindle bearing for high-speed CNC machining shall not be less than 10000rpm at least, and then most of the high speed ratios can only be exceeded by direct connection spindle bearings and high-speed electric spindles.


3. High speed CNC machining management center drilling tool provisions:
Tn CNC lathes, it can be said that improving the drilling tool of CNC lathes is equal to improving production and processing efficiency. This is especially true for high-speed CNC machining centers. The high-speed CNC machining drilling tool path is generally 20-40m/min, and the natural drilling tool path is fast. The perfect application of servo motor makes high-speed CNC machining have a qualitative leap, and the high efficiency and precision of production and processing are often improved in multiple directions. The driver method of the servo motor is a non-contact immediate driver method, with fewer moving components and no distortion and deformation problems. With this kind of technology, the production and manufacturing of CNC lathes exceed the level that traditional ball screws cannot exceed. The servo motor has the characteristics of high instantaneous speed and speed reduction. The instantaneous speed reaches 2g, 10-20 times that of the traditional drive equipment, and the tool feed speed is 4-5 times that of the traditional drive equipment.


4. Regulations on CNC machine tools for high-speed CNC machining:
CNC machines for high-speed CNC machining are higher than those for general CNC machining centers. CNC machines for high-speed CNC machining must have rapid data processing methods and higher engineering characteristics. This is also true for 4 or 5 axis high-speed CNC machining. First, choose 32 bit or 64 bit CNC machine tools with CPU. These two kinds of CNC machine tools are very strong and cannot be matched by ordinary CNC machines.


5. Regulations on high-speed CNC machining of CNC blades:
High-speed CNC machining of CNC blades does not mean the type of CNC blades, but the CNC blade materials for high-speed CNC machining. Common CNC blade materials for high-speed CNC machining include polycrystalline diamond, cubic boron nitride, and hard coated NC blade. A good CNC insert can make the cutting parameters develop towards a higher aspect ratio. Rotor dynamic balancing shall be carried out for CNC blade structure. For CNC blade with very long bobbin overhang, rotor dynamic balancing must be carried out to avoid breakage of bobbin or cutter head with low tensile strength and impact toughness due to centripetal force caused by high speed, which may pose risks to operators of high-speed CNC machining. The selection of bobbin system software will also endanger the repeated precision of automatic tool change and the drilling stiffness of CNC blade. At present, the collet system software generally selects the single and double side clamping collet system software with 7:24 finish.


The above is the configuration requirements for high-speed CNC machining. We hope it will be helpful to you after reading it. If you want to know more about CNC machining service, feel free to consult customer service online or call our service hotline. We will provide you with quality service wholeheartedly!