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If you want to complete the machining work at home, mini mill can be your choice. With the development of technology, mini milling machine can also reach the precision and function requirements of most users. What is a mini mill and how to choose the best one? Here we introduce the machine and list 5 best mini milling machine for 2020, with their pros, cons, prices and product specifications. 

What is a Mini Milling Machine?

A mini milling machine is a small-sized engineering mill used for smaller scale CNC milling or manual production. You can put it on a workbench of table and use it at home or workshop. Similar to standard milling machines, mini mills can work with metal, wooden and composite materials to create various milled components. What types of work you can do on a mini mill? The parts you make on the mini mill are typically cubical or some form of cube that without round profile.  

Structure and Components of Mini Milling Machine

Like all industrial mills, the mini mill also consists of a stationary cutting tool and a movable table on which the piece to be machined is mounted on a vise that on the table, this just makes up for quick and convenient setup for small parts. Many milling vices has a rotary base with the degree marking indexed on it. The vise makes it quick and easy to change the orientation of the work or to remove it to blow the chips offer for whatever to check your measurements. Larger workpieces can be clamped directly to the table. But it usually has a vertical orientation with vertical axis of the rotating shaft.

Best Mini Milling Machine 2020 - 5 Best Mini Mill and Prices

Which mini milling machine to choose? It’s almost impossible to find a particular product has all the advantages, based on your own needs, choose the closest one. What features should a good mini mill have? Good weight-to-body ratio, good build quality, variable speed options, required power and motor speed, price within your budget and more. All in all, there are a list of popular mini milling machines on the market, they can meet most of these requirements or have superior performance. You can find all of these machines on Amazon. The price of mini mills range from hundreds to thousands of dollars. 


1. JET JMD-18 350018 230-Volt 1 Phase Milling/Drilling Machine

This mini mill appears on almost all Best Mini Milling Machine list, it should be the first choice on the whole. This machine is suitable for any professionals, no matter you want to process wood, metal or ceramic, it can complete the work. Its larger worktable and work lamp provides great convenience for the operation in any conditions. The powerful motor, heavy-duty tapered roller bearings, hinged belt cover and more equips will increase its flexibility in the machining. 


– Large worktable and great light device

– Hinged belt cover allows faster speed changing

– Heavy duty tapered roller bearings’ support the spindle

– Powerful motor

– Depth gauge is easy to read

– High versatility for small or heavy jobs

– 360 degree swivel head


– Not a good choice for micro works

– Vertical moves may require re-zeroing

– Stand not included

– The price is a little bit high


Product Specifications

Dimensions: 42.5 x 39.75 x 43.5 inches

Worktable: 9 1/2 by 31 3/4 inch 

Weight: 739 pounds

Voltage: 230 Volts

Power Source: Corded-electric

Motor: 2 hp, 1 phase

Price: $2499

2. Grizzly Industrial G0704-7" x 27" 1 HP Mill/Drill with Stand

The second option is also a versatile machine that can be used for milling or drilling work. And compared to JET JMD-18, it has a lower price, its motor is also less powerful. This device is built using a precision-ground cast iron construction, it comes with a sturdy stand. 


– R8 spindle with digital readout

– Safety shut off switch, forward/reverse switch, fine feed head control and a 2-speed gearbox

– Variable spindle speed: 50–2250 RPMs

– Stand is included with the machine

– Perfect for manual conversion


– Less powerful than JET

– The plastic grip is not durable


Product Specifications

Power Source: Corded Electric

Voltage: 110 Volts

Dimensions: 30 x 27.5 x 35.5 inches

Motor: 1 HP, 110V, 12A, single-phase

Spindle taper: R-8

Spindle travel: 2″

T-slots: 3 @ 2-1/2″ centers, 7/16″ wide

Head travel: 11″

Price: $ 1950 

3. Klutch Mini Milling Machine

This is a best value mini mill, but not available currently. Klutch mini machine has good quality and some great features, the variable speed motor can reach up to 350 watts of power and the speed is available from 100 RPM to 2500 RPM.



– Low vibration

– Good prices

– Variable speed motor

– Accurate feed control

– Sturdy and compact

– 360-degree swiveling head

– 3/4 HP motor power


– Speed control issues

– Chucks are not included

– Lacks low RPM


Product Specifications

Weight: 140 pounds 

45-degree tilt left or right

0.5 horsepower

7 inches cross traveling distance and 4 inches longitudinal traveling distance

110V variable-speed (100-2,500 RPM) motor

A 350-watt two-speed gearbox

Price: $739.99

4. Erie Tools Variable Speed Mini Metal Mill Drilling Machine

This mini mill is also a versatile machine can meet various machining needs, including face milling, deep milling and drilling, easy to use and operate, so it’s quite suitable for hobbyists. The milling machine comes with T-slots nuts, a spindle locking pin, a draw bar and many other items and tools to assist the use. Erie Tools Variable Speed mini mill is a good value options but currently unavailable as well. 


– Variable speed control

– Forward/reverse switch

– Three hand wheels for X, Y and Z axes

– Adjustable deep stop

– Easy and simple to operate

– Excellent for hobby work

– Can be used for drilling, deep milling and face milling

– Safety shut off

– Zero setting dials


– Motor power is under 2000 RPM

– Relatively small table



Product Specifications

Weight: 112 pounds

Dimensions: 26.5 x 21.5 x 17.99 inches

End Mill Capacity: 3/8″ (10mm)

High-speed Steel 6-piece 4 Flute with 3/8″ Shank set Included

Includes 1/8″, 3/16″, 1/4″, 5/16″, 3/8″ and 5/32″ sizes

5. Proxxon 37110 MICRO Mill

This is a really micro mill designed for small-size and intricate projects, especially jewelry and electronics parts. If you want to find an affordable mini mill and don’t have large workpiece to process, this machine can be considered. It’s capable enough for beginners and intermediate users. 


– Quiet, precise, and vibration-free for fatigue free use

– Low weight and slim design

– High quality precision tools

– Sturdy and highly accurate 

– The cheapest one on the list

– Adjustable on all axes

– Lightweight and portable

– 3-T slots with an adjustable ruler for easy positioning

– Variable speed 100-watt 24-pole motor 


– May have noise issues

– Can’t use for large-scale jobs


Product Specifications

Weight: 18.2 pounds

Dimensions: 16.93 x 11.02 x 9.45 inches

Voltage: 110 Volts (AC)

Power Source: AC/DC

Speed (RPM): 5000-20000

Price: $388.07