Drilling Machine Vs Machining Center – Difference Between Drill Tap Center And CNC Machining Center


CNC drilling tapping center, also known as drilling and tapping machine, is mainly used to process popular aluminum products. It is a high-speed CNC machine. In recent years, there are more and more products made of aluminum alloy, and CNC drilling and tapping center has begun to occupy the market and has achieved a high market share.

CNC machining center is a commonly used standard CNC machine, which appears early, widely used, expensive and difficult to maintain. We are all familiar with these two types of machine tools, but the difference between them is still a little vague. In this article, we tell the difference between CNC drilling center and CNC machining center. 

CNC Drill Vs CNC Machine - Difference Between Drilling Center And Machining Center

1. Different volume

CNC drilling and tapping center and machining center are similar in structure, but different in volume. In the design of NC drilling and tapping center, its mechanical operation flexibility is specially considered, because NC drilling and tapping center should have the ability of high-speed operation. CNC drilling and tapping center body after slimming treatment, each axial weight is lighter than the machining center. The stroke of CNC drilling and tapping center is much smaller than that of machining center, because CNC drilling and tapping centers are mainly used to process smaller workpieces. Therefore, there are obvious differences in volume between CNC drilling and tapping center and CNC machining center. Generally, the volume of drilling and tapping center is about 2mx2mx2.6m, and that of 850 machine in machining center is about 2.8×2.8x3m.


2. Different tool changing systems of tool magazine

The sun type tool magazine is generally used in CNC drilling and tapping center. The tool magazine is installed on the upper end of the spindle. The capacity of the tool magazine is 16T, and the capacity of the servo tool magazine is not more than 21T. CNC machining center generally adopts the arm type tool magazine, which has a capacity of 24T. This kind of tool magazine is usually installed on one side of the column.


3. Different processing objects

CNC drilling and tapping center is generally processing small aluminum parts, which is commonly known as the product. The size of the processing object is relatively small, generally will not appear large workpiece. For example, the current popular aluminum radiator, mobile phone frame, die casting drilling and tapping and so on. The main material of CNC machining center is steel, which is widely used in the field of mold processing. It is a very important machine in the mold processing industry. It is usually used with mold engraving and milling machine.


4. Different cutting force

CNC drilling and tapping center does not have large cutting force because of its structural characteristics. But the CNC drilling and tapping center has been very enough to deal with the processing of metal materials such as aluminum alloy. The CNC drilling and tapping center can also process stainless steel, which generally does not have the big cutting like the machining center. CNC machining center is good at large cutting, through its large torque mechanical spindle, cutting ability is strong, can easily deal with all kinds of hard metal materials of large cutting.