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This guide will help you to familiarize the parts of a CNC lathe & turning center and what are types of lathe machine. 

The CNC lathe and turning centers are a kind of high precision and high-efficiency automatic machine tool. The turning centers are two wind types, they are horizontal turning center and the vertical turning center. The vertical turning centers are used for heavy components, horizontal types are used widely for the general applications, so let’s explain 8 parts of a CNC lathe!

8 Different Parts Of CNC Lathe Machines And Types

1. Headstock 

The first part of CNC lathe is headstock which is located in the left side of the machine. The main element present in the headstock is master spindle, the machining is done by the spinning of workpiece into a certain speed, this is done by the spindle at the left side of the spindle. The main spindle drive is connected normally in CNC machines. Servo motors are used as spindle drives and the right side end. The wall holding device is fixed the wall assembly is known as headstock.


2. Tailstock

In CNC lathe, the tailstock is used for supporting the workpiece axially whenever we have lengthy workpiece for machining we take support of tailstock center. The tail stock position can be adjusted along the length axis.


3.  Chuck (Work holding)

The third CNC lathe part is work holding device. Normally, three jaw hydraulic chucks are used widely for clamming the jobs, the cylindrical and hexagonal shape can be easily holded in the chuck. We can use the chuck into two modes, they are already clamping and is clamping according to the workpiece shape and the process, the other workholding devices also can be used in CNC lathe such as collet face plate or a special fixture.


4.  The Cutting Tool Of CNC Lathe

When turning parts on a CNC lathe or turning machining center, the position of the tool on the tool holder should be reasonably and scientifically arranged according to the structure of the tool holder of the lathe and the number of tools that can be installed. Interference with machine tools, tools and workpieces, and tools.


5. Tool Turret

Another important part of a CNC lathe is turret. Turret is a tool carrying element which we can store multiple tools which is required to perform various operations. Turret can be loaded with external tools such as turning, grooving, threading and more, also the internal tools such as drill boring bar and more. Normally, the turret will have two axis movement that is x and the set.


6. CNC Control Panel (MCU)

Next part of CNC lathe is CNC control panel, this is very important part of any CNC machine. This is also called as machine control unit. The control panel includes a screen and a keyboard for program, editing simulation and other machine related setting data. Many more various machine and program controls are available on CNC control panel for operating and controlling of machine. Basically, the CNC controller works with an operating system software.


7. Lathe Bed

It’s the bottom of the lathe machine. Typically CNC machines use special foundation for making the machine stationary so the lathe bed doesn’t move or vibrate.


8. Foot Switch & Foot Pedals

The last part for CNC lathe is foot switches. This is located below operator side, the operator can quickly activate and deactivate the work piece holding and work supporting by using these food pedals. Generally the left one is used for clamping and declining of chuck and the other one is used for clamping and declining of taste dock.