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With the improvement of social and economic level, related industries put forward strict requirements for machining, and the market competition of machining technology is becoming more and more fierce. At present, information technology has entered into various industries, and the field of mechanical manufacturing is no exception. The application of CNC technology improves the efficiency of mechanical processing. With its advantages, it has become an important measure in mechanical manufacturing and processing, and promotes the development of new industrialization. In order to give full play to the advantages of CNC machining and improve the mechanical efficiency, the following analysis is carried out.


Functions And Advantages of CNC Machining

The analysis of mechanical manufacturing industry shows that during mechanical engineering production, the key lies in the coordination and assembly ability of system equipment. But affected by the development of information technology, after entering the information age, CNC technology has been widely used in mechanical and manufacturing operations. In the past, we mainly used physical mechanical basic processing, and combined it with digital technology, which directly improved the accuracy and efficiency of machining and manufacturing. For mechanized production, it belongs to the key period of industry reform. Mechanical engineering technology and information technology are used in machining and manufacturing to realize the regulation of machine tool and ensure the efficiency of machine tool movement and machining process. Based on the operation control of CNC equipment, the machining accuracy is effectively improved, which is in line with the requirements of mechanical production.


CNC Machining Technology

CNC machining technology mainly includes automatic control and computer two kinds of advanced technology, technical personnel for CNC technology to explore, can develop more advanced CNC machining system, flexible manufacturing system, so that the machining efficiency is improved, and is conducive to ensure the quality of mechanical production.


(1) Structure composition

The CNC system in mechanical engineering includes four parts: CNC equipment, programmable controller, machine control unit, data input and output equipment. The CNC system is divided into software and hardware. During the mechanical production and processing, the operator can use the hardware structure to set the processing program, so as to carry out CNC machining.


(2) Principle of CNC Machining Technology

During the process of mechanical engineering, the CNC system plays an important role. The main control system and related accessories are affected by the processing environment, and have strong anti-interference ability and adaptability, which plays a very important role in mechanical engineering. In the process of using CNC technology to organize machining production, computer software can be used to complete the programming operation, and the machine tool control can be realized through the operation control unit. According to the user’s requirements, the machine tool guide rail, tool holder and spindle can be controlled by the program, so that the automatic machining can be completed.


Application of CNC Machining In Mechanical Engineering

(1) Machine tool processing and production

In the past, mechanical setting was the key factor in the machining process, so the focus of clarifying the machining performance is whether the machine tool performance can support the machining operation of the machine tool. The application of CNC machining in mechanical engineering can control the production process of machine tool through computer control system. In the actual working process, all the digital codes in the computer operation program can represent the control method used in the processing, control the intermediate process information, and display it in the computer program in digital form, This operation process is to complete the information collection and processing of data during the machine tool processing by computer. After the release of computer instructions, it is necessary to control the execution parts and systems in the machine tool, so that the required parts and equipment can be obtained.


(2) Industrial production

In the process of industrial production, the more common modern technology is industrial robot, the use of this intelligent means, really improve the efficiency of industrial production, but also reduce the pressure of operators. The internal structure of industrial robot includes control unit, drive unit and execution unit, and its operation principle is consistent with that of numerical control system. During industrial production, industrial robots can produce in different working environments, and can also support the environment where human beings can not work normally. At the same time, they can also replace the workers on the job site, reduce the workload and improve the work efficiency in an all-round way. Compared with the labor force, industrial robots can achieve the height that they can not achieve, and can also replace human beings to do the corresponding work. Numerical control technology used in the field of industrial production, will solve the problems caused by human in the past industrial production process, optimize the working environment, and ensure the personal safety of workers, improve the quality of processed products, which for industrial production, has a very important role.


(3) Operation and production of Shearer

The application of numerical control machining technology as the core of the joint means in the coal mining industry mainly gives play to the advantages of keel plate technology, replaces the profiling method used in the past, and solves the problems of traditional mining technology. The operation principle of this new type of shearer is based on the management and control of CNC cutting machine equipment, which can realize the automatic control of cutting and mending, at the same time, it can also achieve program control, improve the speed of mending and cutting, and ensure the cutting quality.


Development Trend Of CNC Machining In Mechanical Engineering

(1) Give automatic editing function to mechanical engineering

CNC technology can use the form of programming to solve the calculation problems encountered during the production, eliminate the errors that may be caused by previous manual calculation, at the same time, it can also clarify the construction drawings and parts processing flow, so as to make the mechanical engineering more accurate. The application of CNC machine tools can quickly solve the problems in the field of technology. Technicians only need to master the operation method of CNC machine tools, they can put into operation, which provides support for the reasonable competition of industrial manufacturing enterprises in the market.


(2) Driving industrial innovation through mechanical engineering

At present, information and intelligence have been in-depth in the field of industry, numerical control technology has been optimized on this basis, and its application scope is becoming wider and wider. However, this also relatively improves the requirements of machining products, making machining standards more stringent. Therefore, under the guidance of numerical control processing technology, the innovation of relevant theories and practical operations used in the industrial field also increases, which directly improves the core competitiveness of enterprises, and develops products with more perfect performance, higher quality and lower price. Both the stability of equipment and the quality of products can meet the standards, To provide quality guaranteed CNC products for the majority of users, to provide impetus for the development of China’s CNC technology, and to speed up the process of social and economic construction.


(3) The intelligent level of CNC machining technology has been significantly improved

Nowadays, the industrial field has gradually realized the informatization and intelligent reform. Under the leadership of CNC technology, mechanical engineering has developed products with higher automation level. In the future, the continuous development of information technology and science and technology in China will also provide new technology for the reform of the machining industry, making the control and processing process faster and more efficient, leading the stable development of CNC technology.