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In the context of economic globalization, the development of various industries must keep pace with the times in order to survive for a long time. Machining plants should fully grasp their own development direction, use effective methods to continuously improve their market competitiveness, control the accuracy of machining production, and make all work carried out in strict accordance with the requirements in an orderly manner. By adjusting the machining accuracy of the mold, the use function of the die is guaranteed. During the management work, the work of operators at all stages shall be supervised to improve the accuracy of mold making.


Key Points Of Mold Machining Accuracy Control

1. Optimize the machining process of mold

Different machining methods should be selected for different mechanical molds. When controlling the machining accuracy, the work needs shall be met, the process suitable for mold making shall be selected and strictly implemented. Different molds have different requirements for performance. In actual production, we should make full use of the characteristics of various processes and select the process type suitable for mold making from a variety of processes. Each processing technology has its unique characteristics, and the use of different processing technologies will also affect the accuracy of mold making. Therefore, in the process of mold making, it is necessary to ensure that the selected process type is consistent with the actual needs, and constantly optimize to make the process type more in line with the processing needs, so as to continuously improve the mold making accuracy.

2. Determine appropriate processing equipment

All kinds of equipment used in the mold making will have a certain impact on the processing process and the use of equipment. There are many kinds of instruments and different functions used in the process. In order to improve the machining accuracy of molds, it is necessary to ensure that the processing instruments used meet the standards, and accurately select the corresponding instruments, so as to better control each instrument. Handling links to ensure that all work is completed accurately. Reasonable selection of processing equipment is the key to ensure die processing quality. The equipment shall be continuously upgraded and inspected to ensure that its quality and specifications meet the standards and better meet the processing needs.

3. Form an appropriate control system

Mold making has a certain process. According to different needs, different molds will be made, including various types of cylindrical and conical molds, including irregular molds. In the processing process, we should not only select processing equipment, but also select appropriate raw materials, fully analyze the actual needs of the mold, and fully analyze the function of the mold. Establishing and perfecting the control system is the key to improve the die machining accuracy. In the actual work, we should not only ensure the work efficiency, but also ensure the work quality, so that the mechanical mold can play its function.

Method For Improving The Machining Accuracy Of The Mold

1. Quality control

Because the mold making has to go through many links, various errors will inevitably appear in the production process, including mechanical errors and human errors, such as machine tool programming problems, machine tool mold faults, manual problems and so on. The solutions to different problems are also very different. We should start from the source, find out the direct cause of the problem, and take effective measures in time to avoid the same accident. For human errors, operators shall be strictly required to ensure that all work standards are implemented, improve employees’ attention, and ensure that employees’ professional skills meet certain standards. For mechanical problems, we should constantly investigate to ensure that each instrument can work normally, accurately do a good job in mold processing and selection, and improve the accuracy of the mold itself.


2. Improve mold machining technology

The continuous development of technology is also reflected in the machining of mechanical molds. With the change of demand, the mold making technology should also be continuously improved and optimized to better adapt to the development of the times. In the mold making process, we should constantly analyze the problems existing in reality, optimize the mold making accuracy control method, and ensure that the work of each work link can be completed in strict accordance with the specified work flow. At the same time, the CNC machine tool is optimized to ensure that the equipment used meets the standards and master the details of the processing technology, so as to make the work content more standardized and the processing technology more professional.


3. Strengthen skill training for operators

Due to the difference of professional quality of basic operators, regular training shall be organized during the work process to improve the professional level and ability of employees. The production of mechanical molds must meet the needs of users and realize certain use value. The operator must clarify the mold standard, scientifically control the mold making accuracy, so that he can effectively perform his duties in the working process and work in strict accordance with the requirements. And do a good job of supervision and inspection to avoid quality problems and violations in the processing process. Ensure that every operator has professional qualification requirements, continuously improve the overall quality of employees, and continuously provide scientific guidance to ensure that there are no details in each work link. By regularly organizing education and training for processing operators, employees can have a clear understanding of the whole process, and can well grasp the operation points of each working process, so as to carry out all work in an orderly manner and avoid principled problems. And formulate reward and punishment measures to encourage employees to actively study and continuously improve their business ability, so as to form a good awareness of mold making accuracy control and strictly standardize their work.