Precision Knurled Brass CNC Turned Parts

Junying custom precision brass CNC turned parts with high quality and reasonable prices. Brass is an alloy mainly composed of copper and zinc, as well as a small amount of lead. Brass often comes in golden yellow, reddish-gold, bright gold or silver, different contents of copper and zinc can change its color and properties. It has acoustic properties, low coefficient of friction, low melting point, good corrosion resistance, good workability and hardness, heat conductivity, and bacteriostatic properties. It’s also easy to cast, malleable and ductile. All of these characteristics determine the CNC brass parts are applicable in bathroom fixtures and healthcare facilities, musical instruments, areas requires low friction, fittings, and tools used near explosive materials and more.

Advantages of Our Precision Knurled Brass CNC Turned Parts

– Extreme durability and long lifespan of our brass parts
– Painting, passivation, anodizing, peening, vacuum plating, and more metal finishings
– ISO 9001:2015 certification and detailed inspection
– Competitive prices and guaranteed quality for each brass product

Specifications of Precision Knurled Brass CNC Turned Parts

Material Brass
Tolerance +/-0.002mm
Surface Treatment Anodizing, chrome plating, silver plating, polishing, galvanized, electroplating, passivation, powder coating, spraying, and painting, etc
Main Process CNC machining, turning, lathing, milling, drilling, grinding, boring, stamping, threading, tamping, EDM, wire walking, laser cutting, laser marking, and surface treatment
Quality Control Strictly Quality control in the whole process, from material to packing
Industry CT scanning, 3D projector, X-ray technology, Coordinate-measuring machine
Usage Musical instruments, radiators, architectural trim, pipes and tubing, screws, locks, gears, bearings, doorknobs, ammunition casings and valves and decorative items.
Customized Drawings Auto CAD, JPEG, PDF, STP, IGS, and most other file formats are accepted