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To achieve different final profile in machining, there are various CNC milling operations to suit the application. Straddle milling and gang milling are using more than one cutters in the manufacturing process, what milled parts do they produce? Here we’ll explain the gang milling and straddle milling, plus their differences and some working tips.

What is Straddle Milling?

Straddle milling is a CNC milling operation in which two or more parallel vertical surfaces are machined in a single cut using two cutters separated by spacers, washers or shims. For completing straddle milling, two side milling cutters need to be mounted on the same arbor, and set apart to make them straddle the workpiece. Two sides of the blank are cut simultaneously, and the dimensions are exactly controlled. Straddle milling can be used in cutting spline, or squares and hexagons on the end of a cylindrical part. Straddle milling uses sharp milling cutters on either side, it is possible to machine the pieces on opposite sides to parallel in a cut. The indexing head will be utilized to rotate the piece after each cut. 

Straddle Milling Diagram

Here is a simple image can help you figure out how does straddle milling work more intuitively. 

What types of cutters used in straddle milling operation?

In a typical straddle milling, two side cutters are used. The cutter is a half-side or plain side milling cutter with straight or spiral teeth. Alternatively, side milling cutters with staggered teeth can be used. 

What is Gang Milling? - How to Explain Gang Milling

Gang milling is the machining process of two or more milling cutters are used together. The cutters have the same or different diameters are mounted on the arbor of the milling machine. In gang milling, all cutters can perform the same type of operation, each cutter can also perform a different type of operation.

Difference Between Straddle Milling and Gang Milling

In gang milling, lots of milling cutters are fastened to the arbor for suiting the shape of material blank to be machined. Straddle milling is a special type of gang milling, usually creates two parallel vertical surfaces. So there are generally two milling cutters mounted on the arbor in straddle milling. 

Straddle Milling Tips

To understand the straddle milling better, here is the video shows some operation tips for machining tee-nuts in one pass with straddle milling on a Clausing mill, which is one of the heaviest in its class and is equipped with a powerful spindle drive motor and an infinitely variable speed drive.