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CNC lathes and turning centers are automatic machine tools with high precision and high efficiency. At present, for machining units, their work efficiency directly affects the income of the unit. In most cases, there are many factors affecting the processing speed and quality of molds. Here are some ways to improve CNC machining efficiency and product quality.


Introduction to CNC machine

1. Characteristics

The working efficiency of CNC machine in machining process is very important for the unit. At present, the technological process adopted by the machine in the processing and production process is relatively fixed, and there are clear and detailed requirements for the technology used. In the actual production process, when using these processes, we should strictly implement these operation requirements and contents, and focus on the production process of the machine tool, so as to improve the efficiency of CNC machining.


2. Discuss the reasons affecting machining efficiency

In the processing process, human factors are also the main reason to improve work efficiency. In the process of use, users do not have enough experience and lessons in the production and management of CNC machine, resulting in the failure of machine tool related applications and functions in the best working state. Efficiency has an impact.

In addition, CNC machine also has doubts about the specific orientation and frequency of tool change, because the relevant cutting parameters of CNC machining have not been effectively improved, resulting in the inefficient and scientific use of tools. In addition, there is a matching problem between CNC machine and cutting times.



In the installation process of CNC machine equipment, we should first further study the type of equipment used in CNC machine and select the best CNC machine system. When purchasing the equipment used for CNC machining, the manufacturer must have a certain reputation and a high quality reputation, so as to ensure the quality of the equipment used for CNC machine processing. CNC machining manufacturers with relatively high quality of such machine tools during the year can also effectively improve the sales of such machine tools.

1. Equipment model

In order to improve the working efficiency of CNC machine, we must ensure that its hardware does not have quality problems. Doing this work well involves three aspects: first, improving the power supply quality of the power grid. Second, select the most scientific and reasonable model for production. Third, do a good job in the management and maintenance of CNC machine equipment.

2. Management and maintenance

In order to improve the working efficiency of CNC machine, we must not only ensure the quality of the above hardware, but also improve the quality of software. To achieve this, it also involves three aspects: first, reasonably and efficiently formulate the specific workflow of machining system. Second, strengthen management. Finally, employees and professionals who meet relevant requirements arrange them to engage in machining.


In the process of machining, the daily management and maintenance of CNC machine directly affects the service life of their equipment. In daily work, relevant technicians shall carefully complete the management and maintenance during CNC machining, and then install lubrication devices inside the machine tools. In the actual work of CNC machine, the lubrication device inside the equipment can automatically lubricate its CNC machine tool.


1. Design flow of machining system

The CNC machining unit shall reasonably and efficiently formulate the specific process of the machining process. On the premise of ensuring the final quality of the processing process, the equipment used for further processing of the CNC machine has basic elements such as precision, structure and texture, such as configuration. Through analysis, the redundancy and repeated processing and production process in the CNC machine tool system are fully reduced. The specific process of the work carried out by the system must be strictly controlled to continuously improve the work efficiency and comprehensive performance of the system.


2. Strengthen management

It is different from the machine tool equipment used for machining in the traditional sense. The equipment used by CNC machine for machining has particularity in the field of machine tool scheduling. In the daily work of CNC machine system, we must strengthen the management, give full play to its advantages in the field of machining, carry out scheduling work scientifically and manage reasonably. When NC machine tools are used for machining, the work efficiency has been fully improved.

In addition, the equipment must be maintained and repaired in the machining process of CNC machine tools. During this period, mark the lubricating oil that needs to be refilled for the equipment to be repaired in order to facilitate its later management. In this link, the lubricating oil with relatively high quality shall be selected.


Improving the efficiency of CNC machine is of great significance to the project. The above are the measures to improve the work efficiency and accuracy of products when the CNC lathe is working.