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If you want to get the most trending home decoration 2020, you should select not only the furniture style but also the door appearance and door hardware finish. Special treatment on different exposed hardware of entrance doors and interior doors is for enhanced properties and look. Here we’ll introduce some common lock finish codes, colors, and descriptions, also, you can find the BHMA/US code for all finishes in the uploaded hardware finish chart.

What is Hardware Finish?

The finish on the hardware surface is a kind of surface texture of topography, used to change the color, look, and characteristics of the treated part. A variety of surface finishes are applied on the door hardware, including door locks, handles, hinges, fasteners, exit devices, and more. The finish availability and color appearance may have a little difference by manufacturer and brand, but there are specialized standards for the door hardware finish.

Lock Finish Codes & Colors

There are two finish codes systems applicable for door locks and hardware: BHMA (Builders Hardware Manufacturers Association) finish codes and US standard finish codes. For example, Satin Brass is indicated by 606 in the BHMA system and presented by US4 in US codes. Each finish has a unique color and its own advantages and applications. Most of the finishes are tend to gold tones, silver tones, and black tones. 

As a professional lock cylinder machining company, Junying offers a variety of customization options for your lock parts, you can choose from a wide range of lock finishes, including US3(Bright Brass), US4(Satin Brass), US15(Satin Nickel Plated), US26(Bright Chrome), US26D(Satin Chrome), etc. 

Common Hardware Finish Codes and Description

– Satin chrome: one of the most popular finishes, suitable for commercial hardware, it has a modern look that fits most of the decorating styles and very hard, durable and wear-resistant.

– Oil-rubbed bronze: is easy to match accessories in chrome and stainless steel and also adds an aesthetic look. 

– Bright brass: the clear-coated bright brass also known as polished brass, a highly reflective finish with a warm golden luster, very common in old colonial homes, easy to find, and match other accessories or fittings. 

– Satin brass: brushed brass, a muted finish with textures, tends to a golden-brown color, bold without exaggeration, this kind of gold-tone has perfect low-key style.

– Bright chrome: a mirror-like finish for a contemporary or retro setting, rarely scratches, fades, or deteriorates. The bright chrome does not have hue variation like satin chrome, just one reflective finish. 

– Matte black: striking appearance combines traditional and modern styles, is a stylish and versatile choice suited for lock lever, knob, and other parts, keeps a lasting elegant look. 

Hardware Finish Chart (Door Lock Finish Codes)

Check out the common lock finish chart with BHMA codes and US codes. If you are requiring other finish codes, please head over to the PDF file below.

Complete Commercial Hardware Finish Chart