Lock Cylinder Machining – How To Increase The Security On Mortise Cylinders




When you order our Precision Lock Cylinder Machining Services and receive the mortise cylinders, how to how to increase the security on mortise cylinders furthermore? This is CNC Lathing, and we are here to help you easily strengthen the security of mortise cylinders on the door.


– The Cylinder Guard –

Mortise cylinders are a little more susceptible to getting broken into than you might think. First removing the prior mortise cylinder on the door, loosen the set screw that’s holding the cylinder in place to get the plate off, using a screw to back it off about 4 turns, then put a key in about halfway to get it undone. If you can feel it’s extra tight, then you are heading in the right direction. When the plate is off, you can take the cylinder out. The weakness of the mortise cylinder is fatal. In theory, the thief could take something large a big pipe wrench put it on this cylinder and snap that off bypass it, and get in. But there’s a way around that is by using the cylinder guards. The standard mortise cylinder for doors is the one-inch mortise cylinder. Buy in reality, if you are to use the cylinder guards, you need to replace the lock with an inch and an eighth mortise cylinder, which is longer. Because the guard might create a decent gap between the door and the lock and you never under any circumstance want to leave a door with a gap. In a situation like this, you have two options you can either put a cylinder guard on or you could put a thicker collar on. What’s worth mentioning after you put on the cylinder guard is that the cylinder guard should be able to spin freely and the face of the cylinder should not be sticking out over it. One thing you want to consider is the size of the keys. Some people like to have the cylinder buried way back to the door, which is perfectly fine. But you need to make sure when you’re sticking the key in, there’s enough clearance on a do not duplicate type of key. Having a gap between the actual lock and the cylinder guards’ outer edges is a good spot to be. Putting on the cylinder guards helps when someone tries to stick a pipe wrench on the lock, it will only spin and not damaging the actual mortise cylinder. After everything is done, tighten up the set screw again then you are back in business! There you have it, this how you can use a cylinder guard to increase the security of a mortise cylinder on the door. 


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