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A reliable CNC machining supplier can help you save cost and expand the business scope. China is a vast country with lots of advantages, how to find a supplier in China? Here are some tips for choosing the right CNC component manufacturer.

How to Find a Good CNC Machining Supplier in China? - Tips for Choosing a Right CNC Component Manufacturer

1. Analyze the CNC machining market

You need to know who is the leader of CNC machining services market, what is the development trend of the market at present, and what is positioning of the major suppliers, so as to have a general understanding of potential choices. You can establish a preliminary supplier database based on these analyses. This step will take a lot of time and energy because of the opaque information in the industry, so it’s very useful to choose a B2B platform with good reputation, like and, they have integrated a large number of high-quality suppliers with their product and company information, search for the CNC component manufacturer according to the business type, processing, material or other features, you can greatly save the time. 


2. Select qualified machining suppliers on the basis of certain condition

Identify the key areas or factors that you need to focus on and verify, analyze the information, and remove the suppliers that are obviously not suitable for further cooperation, then you can get a list of qualified CNC machining suppliers. Here are some factors you should consider:

1) Quality and process control

The quality control of CNC machining parts is a crucial matter you need to consider. To ensure your supplier has a robust testing and verification protocol, check out the complete paper trail and traceable bar codes or serial numbers, to avoid fake or unqualified materials. In terms of product quality, know about if the company has passed related certification or conforms to certain regulations. You can ask for the testing and quality reports before shipping. The process control and management are also important, the product quality and efficiency do not only lie in the equipment and machines the manufacturer uses, also through control and management through the whole process, involving the techniques, programming and more. Junying is an ISO9001:2015 certificated supplier with strict quality and process control to ensure each step completed as customer requirements.


2) Experience

Generally, knowing the time that the supplier has been operating is also useful information in the CNC manufacturing industry, the most professional and capable CNC component manufacturer and CNC services supplier will the one has been in business for many years, only good reputation and quality can support the long-term development of a company. Experienced suppliers have accumulated vast knowledge in the area and proficient to deal with the difficulties. Junying is a 16-year CNC machining company with high productivity and strong capability


3) Minimum Order Quantities (MOQ)

The minimum order quantity should be clarified. Most China suppliers have a MOQ, the volumes can represent a substantial initial investment. A smaller minimum order quantity for the buyer is a lower barrier to entry and do not need to speed much money on inventory, also can test the products and decrease the risk of ordering a large number of defective products. If you are developing a prototype, the supplier with lower MOQ is also better to work with.


4) Delivery Time 

Whether products are delivered on time are depending on lots of factors, such as quantity, size and complexity of the part, raw material, etc., the delivery time for sample and mass production is also different, in addition, the remaining batches after the first production should be more efficient, you should communicate the commitment about the delivery time clearly with the supplier in advance. 


5) Customer Service

If you have no experience to purchase independently from China supplier, the customer service is an important part. Customer service involves pre-sales, sales and after-sales service. Through different periods, you can observe the staff’s attitude, professionalism and speed of response, so as to determine the most in line with your requirements of the enterprise. Incomplete and unclear information needs to be avoided, our professional sales team will eliminate translation errors and mistaken assumptions.


3. Field visit to machining suppliers

When necessary, translators, quality departments and product engineers can be invited to participate in the audit team. They will not only bring professional knowledge and experience, but also contribute to communication and coordination within the company. In the field investigation, you can observe the scale of suppliers, production capacity and other aspects, as well as the process management system, which is helpful to master more real information.