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The architectural electrical CAD blocks can be used with 2D or 3D design software to save time, like the DWG file in AutoCAD. In this article, we present some CAD electrical symbols for reference and the place to check and download more CAD electrical drawings and electrical symbols library.

What are CAD Electrical Symbols and Why Use It?

CAD Electrical Symbols are a collection of electrical block and drawings used to design CAD drawings in DWG file formats with AutoCAD and other 2D or 3D design software, creating your own electrical symbols blocks from scratch in AutoCAD needs an amount of time, so download the CAD electrical symbols library and apply the CAD electrical blocks can save much time and speed up the designing process. 

Where Are the Symbols in AutoCAD?

You can find the symbols at Ribbon panel -> View tab -> Palettes panel, and launch the palettes, or use the keyboard combination CTRL + 3.

How Do You Add/Insert Symbols in CAD?

Before you insert your symbols in CAD, you should add your symbol to the icon menu and Catalog Browser first. 

1. Go to the Schematic tab and open Insert Component, choose the Catalog Browser.

2. Search for your catalog value.

3. Click the record in the browser. 

4. Click the symbol you want to add and select the location.

5. Once the symbol is inserted, the Insert/Edit dialog will open, the catalog value is already assigned and you can add other values then save it. 


Symbols can be inserted in the text through one of the following methods:

– In the In-Place Text Editor, right-click and click Symbol

– On the expanded Text Formatting toolbar, click Symbol

– Copy and paste from the Character Map

– Enter the control code or Unicode string

Collection of CAD Electrical Symbols Blocks

You can easy to complete an electrical diagram, wiring system, or other CAD drawings with the collection of CAD electrical symbols. There is a free CAD library of the electric symbols in AutoCAD. Here are different types of symbols legend included in the following list:

1. Basic & Common Electrical Symbols

2. More CAD Electrical Symbols

CAD Electrical Drawings Free Download

Download the Electrical CAD drawings and blocks for free(available in PDF and DWG):


Download the AutoCAD Electrical Symbols Library (demo):