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Bearing is a type of important industrial component widely used in automobiles, motorcycles, railway rolling stock, metal production equipment, space and aircraft and more fields. ABMA developed a standard numbering code system to identify the bearing size and attributes, while many manufacturers like CNCLATHING.COM also CNC machining process to produce non-standard bearings with unique characteristics. Here we post the commonly used ball bearing sizes chart and present how to define the ball bearings.

What is Ball Bearings?

A ball bearing is a kind of rolling bearing, the ball is installed between the inner and outer rings to reduce rotational friction, support radial and axial loads, also improve mechanical power transmission efficiency, which is common in light industrial machinery. Ball bearings basically consist of four components: ball, inner ring, outer ring, and cage or retainer. The balls and rings are usually made of high chromium steel. 

Ball Bearing Sizes Chart

Ball bearings are available in different dimensions, which are measure by inner diameter (ID), outside diameter (OD), and width (W). You can measure the bearing dimensions using a vernier caliper. 


– The bearing size can be expressed in millimeters or inches. 

– Each combination of these measurements (ID, OD and W) associated with a series number, like 6000 series

– Here we only bring the size chart of 6200, 6300 and R series ball bearings, there are also 6000 series, 600 series, 1600 series and more standards ball bearing types. 

6200 series ball bearings: light ball bearing, feature deep, honed raceways, are available in open, sealed or shielded configurations.

6300 series ball bearings: medium ball bearing, manufactured with a larger ball complement and heavier races allowing greater radial, thrust and combined load capacity for a given bore size. Can withstand heavy shock loads. Also available in open, sealed or shielded configurations.

R series ball bearings: extra light, single row, inch series ball bearings, available from 1/8 through 1-1/2 inch bore sizes. This series also can be divided into open, sealed and shielded configurations. Suitable for high-speed applications. 

6200 Series Ball Bearing Dimensions

6300 Series Ball Bearing Dimensions

R Series Ball Bearing Dimensions