Precision 3D Printed POM Parts & Acetal/Delrin 3D Printing Service

POM (Polyoxymethylene), also known as Acetal and Delrin, is an ideal 3D printing material with excellent resistance, high stiffness, low friction, dimensional stability, and good sliding properties. Junying provides high-quality precision 3D printed POM parts for various industries, from small gear wheels to car interior fittings to custom components and accessories, whether you need functional prototypes or aesthetic parts, our Delrin 3D printing services will ensure consistent quality, quick turnaround, and competitive prices. Acetal 3D printing parts also can be used in medical sectors because of the durability and resistance to disinfectants. POM is a superior choice in wet and high-humidity environments. With the expertise of 3D printing professionals and up-to-date manufacturing facilities, you’ll get the POM parts you need quickly. Upload your 3D CAD design to get an instant free quote, we’ll handle your file and give you a fast reply. Get your prototype or end-use parts quickly using our online 3D printing service, we’ll help you optimize your design and find the competitive advantage on the market.

Advantages of Our Precision 3D Printed POM Parts & Acetal/Delrin 3D Printing Service

– High dimensional stability, smooth surface finish
– Free online quote, more than 10 types of files supported
– Experienced engineers, designers, and technicians
– Expertise in 3D printing design, software & process

Specifications of Precision 3D Printed POM Parts & Acetal/Delrin 3D Printing Service

Material POM/Acetal/Delrin
Tolerance +/-0.15mm
Surface Treatment Custom
Main Process 3D printing
Quality Control Strictly Quality control in the whole process, from material to packing, Coordinate-measuring machine
Usage Custom parts
Customized Drawings Auto CAD, JPEG, PDF, STP, IGS, and most other file formats are accepted