Polished CNC Machined 7050 Aluminum Project Box

High-quality polished CNC machined 7050 aluminum project box produced by CNClathing.com, aluminum 7050 is a popular nonmagnetic aluminum alloy can be heat treated, it has high mechanical properties, high fracture toughness, high strength, good fatigue, and stress-cracking resistance, the aluminum 7050 properties make it applicable in aerospace fuselage frames, Bulkheads, Various aircraft parts, and other structures. The machining 7050 aluminum project box are used for signal receiving devices. Polishing can improve the surface finish, cleanability, aesthetic appeal, reduce product adhesion and produce reflective surfaces, which fits for the application of aluminum project boxes. At Junying, 5-axis machining center, mills, lathes, and machines are prepared for 7050 aluminum CNC machining services and other processings. A broad range of smooth and clean surface finishes are provided for the final machined parts.

Advantages of Our CNC Machined 7050 Aluminum Project Box

– ISO9001:2015 quality assurance
– Specialized CNC design and engineering service team
– Skilled operators and sophisticated equipment
– High productivity, fast and on-time delivery

Specifications of CNC Machined 7050 Aluminum Project Box

Material 7050 Aluminum
Tolerance +/-0.002mm
Surface Treatment Anodizing, chrome plating, silver plating, polishing, galvanized, electroplating, passivation, powder coating, spraying, and painting, etc
Main Process CNC Machining, turning, lathe, milling, drilling, grinding, boring, stamping, threading, tamping, EDM, wire walking, laser cutting, laser marking, NC bending, and surface treatment
Quality Control Strictly Quality control in the whole process, from material to packing
Industry CT scanning, 3D projector, X-ray technology, Coordinate-measuring machine
Usage Signal receiving devices
Customized Drawings Auto CAD, JPEG, PDF, STP, IGS, and most other file formats are accepted