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There are many kinds of CNC machines, but the batch is small. In order to adapt to this characteristic, the structure system of CNC technology has also changed. The modularization of CNC machine tool structure and the specialization of CNC function are the development trend of CNC technology in the structure system. It is not only conducive to the production of CNC machining technology, but also can form different levels of numerical control system.

Today, CNC machining is widespread, it dominates the manufacturing sector, allowing for a considerable jump in productivity around the world. With the advancement of CNC technology, we’ve seen many advancements applied beyond the CNC industry, such as simplified programming language, improved engine communications, and customization. As CNC technology continues to evolve, we can say that the most exciting progression of CNC is yet to come. So in this article, we discuss about the future development of CNC technology. 

Future Technology Trends Of CNC Technology

Development trend of CNC technology structure system

Intellectualization is the development trend of numerical control technology in the future. Intelligence can exist in all parts of CNC system. Adaptive control system can be applied in CNC system. The system can automatically detect and adjust relevant data to keep the best state of the system. It can also establish artificial intelligence system to carry out CNC machining, form artificial intelligence system to control production and processing with machining rules, and develop intelligent fault diagnosis and monitoring system to monitor, diagnose and repair faults of CNC machine tools more quickly and effectively.


The structure development trend of network and integration of CNC technology 

The network and integration of numerical control technology is the main means to adapt to the dynamic demand of the market for products. On the one hand, it is necessary to turn the numerical control technology from the state of point and line to the state of surface and body. At the same time, it is also necessary to pay attention to the practicability and economy of numerical control technology.


Development trend of CNC technology function

The interface graphical function of CNC technology and the graphical user interface are also the development trend of numerical control technology. The link between the user and the CNC system is also the user interface, so the development of user interface is very important. According to the different needs of users, the user interface is graphical, which is convenient for users to operate and makes the user interface clearer. Scientific computing visualization function, visualization technology can make CNC processing and interpretation more efficient, use graphics, animation and other diversified means of information exchange, make it beyond the abstract expression of text, scientific computing visualization can reduce product design time, reduce cost and improve product quality.


Multimedia technology can make the computer process all kinds of text, sound, video and other information comprehensively. The application of multimedia technology in numerical control technology can make the information processing comprehensive and intelligent, monitor the production process in real time and improve the level of numerical control technology.


Development trend of CNC technology in product performance

The high performance of products is also the future development trend of CNC technology. High speed and high efficiency are the performance of CNC machine tools, which can shorten the cutting time and improve the production efficiency. CNC technology should have high precision performance, from the state of high precision machining to the state of ultra precision machining, so as to improve the precision of products and improve the CNC machining technology. CNC machines must complete their work in a relatively complex environment. CNC machining products must have higher stability and reliability, higher performance than general products, and early warning and protection measures.


CNC technology has become the core of manufacturing technology, which is the foundation of automation, networking, flexibility and integration in the future.

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