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CNC machines play an important role in the manufacturing industry. They can be used to make many different parts with CNC machining service, and CNC machines can provide a level of efficiency, accuracy and consistency. There are also various types of CNC machines used to accomplish this. All kinds of engraving machines, CNC lathes, CNC milling machines, etc. belong to a kind of CNC machine tools. In this article, we will introduce to you 7 common types of CNC machines, engraving machines, CNC drilling machines and other types of CNC machines, so you can have a preliminary understanding of it.


7 CNC Machines Types - Comparing The Different Types Of CNC Machines

1. CNC Engraving Machine 

A type of CNC machine. It can be used for CNC engraving or CNC milling service. On the basis of the engraving machine, the power of the spindle and servo motor is increased, and the machine body can withstand the force, while maintaining the high speed of the spindle, and more importantly, the accuracy is high. Although this type of CNC machine has its own advantages, it will be very difficult to process products with relatively large material hardness and obviously cannot effectively complete the processed products. The emergence of precision CNC engraving machines has greatly made up for the shortcomings of traditional CNC engraving machines. For example, the processing of metal, hardware and aluminum shells makes the processed products more exquisite and exquisite. The machine itself runs stably and reliably, with good processing quality, high efficiency, simple operation and convenient maintenance. Widely used in molds, electronic products, hardware, plastics, jewelry, handicrafts, hair accessories, furniture, locks, shoemaking, glasses, automobiles, mobile phone shells, buttons, middle frames, lenses, glass covers and other industries. Our main products are single-head, double-head, three-head, and four-head engraving machines to meet your different needs.

2. CNC Drilling Machine

Sophisticated drilling machines can be programmed using CNC technology to ensure precise positioning of holes in materials. With thick material, a process called peck, or interrupted cut drilling is used to drill the hole in a stepwise procedure.CNC turret drilling machines have several drill bits and cutting tools mounted on a turret. Automation enables the required tool to be indexed quickly and accurately into position for drilling.

3. CNC Lathe

It’s also known as CNC lathe, that is, computer digital control lathe, it is currently the most widely used type of CNC machine in China. Equipped with a multi-station turret or power turret, this kind of CNC machine has a wide range of processing performance, which can process linear cylinders, oblique cylinders, arcs and various threads, grooves, worms and other complex workpieces, with linear interpolation, arcs Interpolate various compensation functions, and play a good economic effect in the mass production of complex parts.

4. CNC Plasma Cutting Machine

In terms of shape and size, CNC plasma cutters are very similar to CNC routers. These machines only work with two-dimensional shapes. Plasma-cutting CNC machines are used to cut materials, feature a high-powered torch that’s able to cut through rough materials like metal. With a CNC plasma cutter, gas is blown at a very high speed from a nozzle. While this is being done, an electrical arc forms through the gas coming out of the nozzle to the surface that is being cut. This converts some of the gas into plasma, and these plasma temperatures range from 10,000-50,000 degrees. 

5. CNC Milling Machine

This is one of the most popular types of CNC machines, it features built-in tools for drilling and cutting. Materials are placed inside the milling CNC machine, after which the computer will guide the tools to drill or cut it. Most milling CNC machines are available in three-to six-axis configurations. A CNC mill is very large compared to other tools and can be quite costly. CNC milling machines can also be divided into two categories: without tool magazine and with tool magazine. Among them, the CNC milling machine with a tool magazine is also called a CNC machining center.

6. CNC Machining Center

Developed from the CNC milling machine, the biggest difference from the CNC milling machine is that the CNC machining center has the ability to automatically exchange processing tools. By installing tools for different purposes on the tool magazine, the machining tools on the spindle can be changed by the automatic tool changer in one clamping, realizing multiple machining functions. It is a high-efficiency automatic CNC machine that is composed of mechanical equipment and numerical control system and is suitable for processing complex parts. CNC machining center is currently one of the most widely used CNC machine tools in the world.

7. CNC Grinder

This type of CNC machine utilizes a rotary wheel that abrades the material into the desired shape by repeatedly grinding it. Most of the CNC grinders use high-speed rotating grinding wheels for grinding, and a few use other abrasive tools such as oilstone, belts and free abrasives for processing. There are also CNC surface grinders, CNC centerless grinders, CNC internal and external cylindrical grinders, CNC vertical universal grinders, CNC coordinate grinders, CNC forming grinders and so on.