Why Do Aluminum Alloy Parts Need Oxidation Surface Treatment After Machining?


Why are aluminum alloy parts always treated with oxidized metal surface? Don’t you know the factors yet? Now CNCLATHING will take you to understand the real factors of aluminum alloy parts to be oxidized.


Why Do Aluminum Alloy Parts Need Oxidation Surface Treatment After Machining

1. Aluminum alloy is actually a kind of raw material with strong corrosion resistance, but it will generate oxygen oxidation on the surface of aluminum alloy in case of oxygen, which will gradually eliminate its corrosion resistance and bran resistance for a long period of time. In addition, aluminum alloys are particularly sensitive to acids. When it comes to acid, it will damage the surface layer of aluminum alloy. Then we need to oxidize again and add another layer on the surface to improve the corrosion resistant protective film on the surface.
2. After anodizing the surface of aluminum alloy precision parts, their corrosion resistance, hardness standard, wear resistance, insulation performance and high temperature resistance have been greatly improved. The porous structure on the surface of anodized aluminum alloy film is easy to absorb dye and colored substances, so it can be colored to improve its ornamental value. After being treated with boiling water, high-temperature steam or nickel salt, the oxide film can further improve its corrosion resistance and wear resistance.

Anodic oxidation processing technology is widely used in metal surface treatment of aluminum alloy products, and its use in manufacturing can be generally divided into the following categories:

1. Avoid corrosion of aluminum alloy parts
Because the film obtained by anodic oxidation treatment has a very good stability in the atmospheric environment through reasonable closed processing. Whether the oxide film is obtained from sulfuric acid solution, oxalic acid solution or chromic acid solution in normal processing technology, its corrosion resistance is very good, such as aluminum pot, pot, washing machine liner, etc. The chromic acid oxidation method is especially suitable for aluminum welding parts and riveting parts.

2. Protective decorative design effect on aluminum alloy CNC machined parts
On the oxide film with high transparency, the oxide film can absorb many kinds of organic dyes or inorganic pigments. On the oxide film, various bright and colorful color combinations and pattern designs can be obtained. In addition, the birth of some new technologies and processes in recent years, such as one-time oxidation and multiple coloring, wood texture pattern design, oxidation offset transfer printing, porcelain oxidation, etc., makes the appearance design of aluminum alloy parts more beautiful and pleasing, This color film is a decorative design layer and also an anti-corrosion layer, such as lighters, gold pens and various handicrafts.

3. It can add hard wear-resistant layer for aluminum alloy parts
In sulfuric acid or oxalic acid solution, thick and hard film can be obtained according to the processing standard of adjusting anodic oxidation treatment. The holes and adsorption characteristics of the film can be used to store the selective oil, which can be reasonably and effectively used as the standard for operation in the friction environment. At the same time, it has the characteristics of lubrication and wear resistance, such as automobile engine cylinders and piston rods of cars and agricultural vehicles.

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