How precision machining influence medical devices?


There are a lot of advantages for precision machining and it has reworked the approach of the many industries such as automation, manufacturing and aeronautic industries. One of the most vital industry that benefits from precision machining is the medical industry. Many medical products we use now would be impossible if there is no precision machining. Let us take a look at how precision engineering influence the medical product.

Machining Meeting the Tightest Tolerances

The medical industry requires safety and good accuracy. Precision machining helps to obtain the precise dimensions for surgical tools.

A few years ago, it was impossible for machining made complex parts which are used for lasers or robotics in the surgical field. Access to machining can facilitate to have even more discoveries and innovations which may lead to medical advances. These tools need extraordinarily small and precise parts which only can be manufactured by CNC and EDM machining tools.

These tools are used for the best surgery, even for brain surgery or blood vessels. The tiniest deviation may be fatal. Machining can manufacture precise and accurate tools which are utterly reliable and safe.

Material Selections

Materials used in medical settings requires strict standards for sturdiness, safety, non-reactiveness with our bodies and ability to be sterilized. For instance, joint replacements are usually made from medical stainless-steel or metal due to its irreplaceable strength, resilience and performance.

Precision machining makes these materials into complicated shapes and sizes used for specific medical area. Some of these parts are embedded into patients, so they need to meet tight tolerances and have very smooth surfaces so as to eliminate burrs or striations.

EDM and CNC preciseness machining is ideal for machining smooth and precise parts, even if the material is very hard.

Customized Devices for the Individual

Some medical devices can be customized for individual by precision machining. This is especially vital for prosthetic devices like artificial knees and limbs which should  match the individual. Precision machining can fulfill this requirement. Customized parts are not only easy but also cost effective by CNC machining. Parts can be fast and accurately manufacture after being inputted to the computer controls. Precision machining has advanced the medical industry, and is an integral part in the long run.

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