Best CNC Machines 2024: Top 7 CNC Routers (Machines) for Beginners and Pros


Which brands are known for producing CNC equipment? To select the most appropriate machine tool, today we’ll go over the best 7 CNC machines to buy in 2024, with features, advantages, applications, prices, and more details.

Best CNC Machines 2024: Top 7 CNC Routers (Machines) to Buy for Beginners and Pros

This list will present top CNC routers and machines at different budget levels while still offering decent performance and reliability.

1. MYSWEETY CNC Pro Engraver Machine
One of the best CNC machines in 2024, it is popular among hobbyists and small-scale engraving projects, with easy assembly and seamless usability making it user-friendly. This machine is equipped with a GRBL control board, allowing compatibility with various software solutions. The design fits on a desktop or workbench, you can use it for home workshops or small businesses. It is a multifunctional machine that can not only do CNC carving but also perform laser engraving and is suited for a range of soft materials such as wood. More importantly, compared to larger industrial CNC machines, it is a budget-friendly entry-level machine with decent precision, which is ideal for CNC beginners.
– Reference Price: $299.00


2. Genmitsu CNC 3018-PRO Router Kit
Genmitsu 3018-PRO is the upgraded version of 3018, equipped with a 775 motor and a GRBL control board, this CNC machine provides cutting abilities for almost all types of plastics, wood, acrylic, PCBs, etc. It also comes with an integrated cooling to reduce temperature and avoid overheating. Portability, straightforward assembly, and offline controller improve convenience and user-friendly. It is excellent for both DIY enthusiasts and experienced users. SainSmart Genmitsu 3018-PROVer V2 CNC Router Machine is also a good pick for beginners who want to start CNC manufacturing in 2024.
– Reference Price: $149.24


3. xTool D1 Pro Laser Engraver 4-in-1
Coming at the next one, xTool D1 Pro is known for its 4-in-1 functions, which are CNC milling, 3D printing, laser engraving, and cutting. It is capable of precision carving and milling, laser engraving feature can add artistic and detailed designs to different materials. The powerful 32-bit controller and a 775 spindle motor make sure the product is consistent and high quality. You can easily access the working area and process larger workpieces, but an enclosure is used to maintain a clean and safe environment. The touchscreen interface simplifies the operation and setup process, allowing users with different skill levels to operate it. This machine is preferred by people who want to buy a comprehensive tool for diverse uses.
– Reference Price: $859.99


4. Genmitsu CNC Router Machine PROVerXL 4030
The PROVerXL 4030 is relatively larger in size, and capable of more extensive projects, the working area is more spacious and good for milling and carving bigger materials. It is powered by a GRBL control board and a 775 spindle motor, which produces precise and consistent CNC parts made from different materials, anti-backlash lead screws, and a reinforced gantry design further improving its accuracy and reliability. Offline operation is allowed, and safety is enhanced by the addition of limit switches and emergency stop functions. Overall, this CNC machine is a great choice for intricate projects and extensive applications.
– Reference Price: $949.00


5. ORTUR Laser Master 2 S2 LU2-2
ORTUR Laser Master 2 S2 LU2-2 is also a compact and cost-effective machine, it is designed specifically for laser engraving applications, suitable for engraving wood, leather, paper, and plastic materials. 32-bit motherboard and powerful 7W laser module allowing high-precision engraving, the aluminum frame is sturdy for stable operation. Its software is user-friendly and no worries about hassle. Protective goggles are available to ensure safety during work.
– Reference Price: $199.99


6. FoxAlien Masuter 4040 CNC Router Machine
The FoxAlien Masuter 4040 is a versatile machine capable of carving, milling, and engraving various soft materials, including wood, acrylic, and PCBs. It is designed with a 15.7×15.7″ working area, which is approximately 40cm by 40cm, compact size enables easy transportation and workspace freedom, suitable for small-to-medium-sized projects. Sturdy construction ensures stability during operation for accurate, high-quality finished projects. A 300W spindle motor provides precise and efficient operation. User-friendly Mach3 control pairs with the offline controller allowing ease of use without a constant computer connection, improving flexibility. This CNC machine is well-suited for hobbyists, smaller workshops, or those needing a portable CNC machine.
– Reference Price: $899.00

7. Carbide 3D Shapeoko 4
The last one is an all-around choice available in three sizes: standard, XL, and XXL, the max size (XXL), provides the largest 838 x 838 mm working area, and it features a hybrid table with integrated aluminum T-slots for secure work-holding. Strong belts and V-wheels offer stability during operation. It is compatible with a range of router models including Carbide Compact and Makita and suitable for machining various materials.
– Reference Price: $1,780.00


How to buy or choose the best CNC machine?
– Workspace Size: Consider the size of your typical projects. Larger workspaces allow more flexibility but take more space.
– Machine Precision: Look at accuracy specifications and quality of components like ballscrews, linear rails, etc. More precise machines create higher-quality finishes.
– Maximum Cutting Depth: The z-axis travel limits the material thickness that can be cut. Depends on your needs.
– Spindle Power: More powerful spindles cut harder materials but add to the cost. Consider your material types.
– Connectivity: Check controller/PC connections and compatibility with common software. WiFi capability is a bonus.
– Material Compatibility: Make sure the machine can handle the types and hardness of materials you need to cut.
– Automatic Tool Changers: Useful for multi-tool workflows but add to complexity and cost.
– Assembly Difficulty: Consider your technical ability. Kits require more assembly than pre-built units.
– Price: Budget for quality without overspending on features you won’t use. Supplemental items also factor in.
– Warranty/Support: Longer coverage periods provide value reassurance for a major purchase.